Our Couch Runneth Over.

Babystar’s friends are taking over the place. We started sitting them on the couch back when there were only a few stuffed creatures, but as all parents know, those babies MULTIPLY. I think they are going to have to be relocated — but to where? Her bedroom is completely on trend with the new tiny house movement, but those tiny houses aren’t meant to house twenty six individuals including a family of bears.

We did purchase some of these — but most are gifts. Plus every time the Teenager visits her grandparent’s attic in Florida she brings back more of her old Care Bears for her little sister. Which is completely sweet and adorable but also STAAAAAHP.

In spite of our overcrowding problem, I just let Babystar bring home ANOTHER FRIEND from Target. We already lived with the Demigod of the Wind and Sea, so we needed Moana of Motunui ($8.99) to bring a little estrogen to Babystar’s boat.

PS: her boat is a salad bowl.


8 thoughts on “Our Couch Runneth Over.

  1. Stuffed animals are ridiculous! I found a door shoe organizer with elastic that works to hold some of them. I try to purge them when I can but now he notices everything.

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  2. Care Bears!!!!! I’m laughing extra hard because on Saturday night I saw (on Netflix) a new Dave Chappelle show and he talked about Care Bears. Him and Babystar, rockin’ the Care Bear stare!

    Yeah, I’m in the same boat (not Moana’s boat!). The girls’ “buddies” are everywhere! We have a plastic storage bin upstairs that holds half the them … the other half are just … scattered EVERYWHERE. I have no advice – just save yourself!!!!

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