Our Couch Runneth Over.

Babystar’s friends are taking over the place. We started sitting them on the couch back when there were only a few stuffed creatures, but as all parents know, those babies MULTIPLY. I think they are going to have to be relocated — but to where? Her bedroom is completely on trend with the new tiny house movement, but those tiny houses aren’t meant to house twenty six individuals including a family of bears.

We did purchase some of these — but most are gifts. Plus every time the Teenager visits her grandparent’s attic in Florida she brings back more of her old Care Bears for her little sister. Which is completely sweet and adorable but also STAAAAAHP.

In spite of our overcrowding problem, I just let Babystar bring home ANOTHER FRIEND from Target. We already lived with the Demigod of the Wind and Sea, so we needed Moana of Motunui ($8.99) to bring a little estrogen to Babystar’s boat.

PS: her boat is a salad bowl.


King Babystar.

Does anybody else co-sleep? Bed share? Succumb to the wills of a tiny tyrant? (I can’t remember the proper terminology.)

Last year at this time, I was determined that Babystar would sleep in her crib. She disagreed. She is almost one and our house gets plenty of sleep. So this is what works for us. Ok. I’m in.

All in, in fact.

We just bought a king size bed. Babystar was getting way too kicky in her sleep and Husband was spending way too many nights in the guest room and it just seemed like the smart thing to do. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. But we have now spent a few nights sleeping in this ocean of a bed and we are all much happier.

The mattress and box springs and taxes were $1,583.98. We had to buy sheets and a larger lightweight summer quilt for $69.99 and $79.99. We did not buy a bed frame or bed. We decided to low-ride instead until Tiny moves into her own room. I hope she doesn’t fall out of bed, but at least it’s not a far fall anymore. Just in case.

Babystar loves her new bed.


RAISING BABYSTAR: $9,557  (I love the even number. I do not love that total!)

Horny Animals.

I have noticed a (maybe disturbing) trend in the nursery. Notice that I write that like I have nothing to do with it. Let’s back up a little.

I picked up an awesome new art print for Babystar’s nursery. Can you spot the difference? What do you think?





It was only after coming home, taking out the old print, and hanging the new one, that I realized I have a clear affinity for horny animals. But first let’s take a minute to discuss the reason I wanted NEEDED to change out that old print. I liked the design. I loved the pop of color it brought to the wall above the changing table. However, I just couldn’t deal with the rounded corners of the printed area that did not reach to the ninety degree angles of the mat inside the frame. Seriously. This bothered me every time I looked at it. Which was several times a day, due to the location above the changing table. Also. Please remember that this is the same changing table that is missing a drawer pull. That is ten times as noticeable but bothers me far less than this art print corner issue.


Yes, I know that my brain is weird. My kids are so lucky.

So ok, my attention to (insignificant) detail is a bit over the top. And now I have to worry about my new obsession with horny animals. Err, I mean, animals with horns. Just look at this pretty new print that I picked up at a local craft fair for only $10.60. (I thought I saved a business card from the booth but now I’m not sure. The card is from Block Party Press but when I google them, I only find an etsy shop selling jewelry. It’s pretty jewelry, though. And the print was marked down, so maybe they changed direction. Anyway. It’s super cute. Look.)


This brings the total to three horny animals. Two unicorns and a narwhal. The room isn’t even that big. (And you know I want that new stuffed unicorn head from Target’s new Pillowfort Collection but I fear we are already at Maximum Horn Capacity.)

Too much?


CRIBS: Crib Edition.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Winter Storm Jonas is keeping us all locked inside. It is getting a bit boring but the house is about as tidy as it gets. Well, except for the snow shovel and wet boots in a pile downstairs, but I’m not going to take a picture of that.

Instead I’ll photograph the nursery! Wanna see? How about I show you mine and then you show me yours? I always wonder where does everyone PUT everything. There is just SO MUCH stuff that appears with babies.

Babystar’s nursery used to be my home office, back when I had a job that did not involve diapers and I often worked from home. The room is quite small but the baby is also quite small so it works out quite nicely.


She has two mobiles because she has two older cousins. She likes them both. (Both mobiles and both cousins.) One is wind-up and one is battery operated. (The mobiles; not the cousins.) Guess which one mama likes best?

IMG_8791 (1)

The curtain is the same one that hung in the office window. That lovely vintage La-Z-Boy rocker recliner has lived in the basement bedroom for a while, purchased years ago from Craigslist. The side table, rug and pillow also came from other rooms in the house. The dresser/changing table was a gift from the grandparents. We love it, but it is missing a knob. I have the knob; I just have not fixed it. The metal bit that holds the screw fell out of the wooden bit a couple of months ago. I have other things to do. I will get to it. Or perhaps once Babystar is old enough, SHE can do it.


That Ikea trash can also came from another room. It is starting to be a problem though, because of the real-food poop smell. (I am soliciting suggestions. Help. What do you use for diaper trash in the nursery? Like for dirty wipes and stuff? No, I have not made reusable wipes yet. And now I am scared.) The wooden flower picture was made by my dad when I was younger, and hung in my bedroom for years. The Jenny Lewis poster was given to me by my BFF years ago and has hung in the office. (She met Jenny Lewis while hanging backstage at a show at Cat’s Cradle and they did whiskey shots together. My darling BFF got Jenny to sign this poster to me. I was invited that night too, but I had to work. I should have called in sick.)


I removed the door from the closet in the corner long ago. That used to be my craft closet. Now I have no craft closet but I also have no time for crafts. So it works out. I keep most ‘stuff’ in that closet and her dresser. It is only kind of organized. I find it impossible to be completely organized with all of Babystar’s things. Some of her stuff is too big for her; some is too small. It seems to cycle frequently, so I’m just rolling with it.


Top shelf is vintage toys that she is not ready for. Her older cousins love the castle, though. Oh, but she does play with the Ikea stacky thing up there. The next shelf has books and toys that were gifts or that belonged to me or her dad as a child, some other random gifts that are not all all safe for baby, and some too big diapers left behind by my sister last year that I will use eventually. Then we have a large, waist-high shelf full of things I use frequently. Receiving blankets, regular blankets, cloth diaper overflow, wet bags, extra wipes, wash cloths, and the baby monitor.


Below that is another large shelf containing crib sheets, changing table sheets, bath towels, and a basket of gifted shoes that will fit someday. Tucked behind this row is a pile of clothes that she ‘should fit soon’ (others are boxed in the basement) and a couple of baby carriers (currently the Moby and K’tan are back there). Then on the floor is a storage ottoman full of hand me down baby toys that I rotate and the large diaper bag. I usually use a backpack in lieu of a diaper bag so it only comes out for big stroller trips.

And while I am at it — what’s in the dresser?


The bottom drawer holds coats, shoes that sort of fit, hats, socks, and one-piece pajamas (though pajamas is such a loose term since she wears these around the clock). I have two cloth bins in there as impromptu dividers. One was purchased from Ikea years ago and used in my own underwear drawer and one came with some toys last summer.


The middle drawer is separated by pants, long sleeves, and short sleeves. These dividers came from the Container Store and I forgot to add them to the tally! $15.99 for two. I’ll add it today.


The top left drawer holds her cloth diapers. The top right drawer holds wipes, diaper creams, thermometer, coconut oil, baby powder, and Vitamin D drops. And probably a few other random things. I have two small square drawer dividers from that same Ikea set that I used in my own dresser.

There. Now please show me yours. Where do you put everything? How do you make it safe for baby? I have no idea what I will do once she’s really mobile.



Last minute errands.

When is the baby coming? I expect she will be at least a week late like the teens, but I’m trying to get all the running out of the way before she gets here. My trusty teenage chauffeur is helping this week.

Today we picked up a bunch of white frames on sale at Michael’s. (Frames are always on sale at Michael’s.)  I plan to do a gallery wall in the nursery.  Some day.

And my brilliant chauffeur also picked out a light up star wall hanging, as the babe’s middle name will be Star.  Aww.  I hung that right away.

Cost $103.75