What even is this?

Google says it will cost me $245,000 to raise this baby.

I have decided to keep track. We are already over $21,000 and the kid is only two!!

I do not claim to know the cheapest way to raise a kid in America or the best way to raise a kid in America. I would like, however, to know where this alleged quarter of a million dollars is spent.

17 thoughts on “What even is this?

  1. Not to be scary, but I’m assuming that doesn’t include college. Raised my daughter here in Arlington, I would say that $245,000 could be conservative. The good news is that she is gainfully employed and sharing an apartment with some friends in DC. It will be interesting to see where the numbers come in. They probably don’t include housing (more expensive) choices you make for schools.

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    1. I plan to include housing, etc, but we haven’t moved and the bills haven’t really changed yet. I’ve driven a minivan for years. We are lucky to be where we are but if Babystar causes a move or other change, I’ll be sure to include it! I suspect that’s where most of the quarter mil must come from, right? 🙂


  2. We have two. An 11 month old and a 2.5 year old. I KNOW we’ve spent probably close to $50K if not more. Once we potty trained the older one though it was REALLY nice to not have to pay for diapers!

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