California (Baby) Knows How to Party.

Babystar has discovered the joys of BUBBLES!

bubble bath

This kid used to totally freak out if her shampoo made accidental bubbles in her bath. She would immediately splash them away yelling ‘no bubbles no bubbles!’ But now she is FULL TODDLER and all about them bubbles.

I think I can trace this back to her second birthday, when she received one of the greatest gifts ever, Naked by Micheal Ian Black. She loves this book, and the kid in the book has so many bubbles in his bath. So now she needs SO MANY BUBBLES in her bath. She also does the hokey pokey naked every night because of that book. That book has changed our life. For the better, obvs.

The bubbles made by pumping the Honest Creamsicle soap directly into the water faucet stream were just not doing it for her anymore. NEED MORE BUBBLES.

ca baby bubble bath

I bought some California Baby Bubble Bath. I fully intended to try a bunch of baby bubble bath potions until we found our favorite one but I really see no need to buy any other kind ever.

ca baby cranky to sweet

The bottle advertises that it ‘takes you from cranky to sweet.’ It either REALLY WORKS or the placebo effect is STRONG. And the toddler can read the bottle. (Unlikely. But I’m not ruling it out because I have never called her a Wild Child out loud but she was sitting next to me and I posted a cute picture of her on Instagram and hash tagged ‘wildchild’ and five minutes later she told me she was not ‘wild child’, she was ‘Mabel’. So.)

What was I talking about? Oh. Right. Magic.

California Baby has found the magic blend of essential oils to calm my toddler down at night. I mean, she still runs around naked for about twenty minutes (including Hokey Pokey time) but she’s happy about it and then she calms down quickly and happily puts on pajamas and gets ready for sleep. One night, after a particularly trying day, I got into the bath with her. It totally worked on me too. MAGIC.

California Baby Bubble Bath is cruelty-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan. We have luckily passed Babystar’s gluten and dairy sensitivity stage, but some kids are sensitive or downright allergic. And yes, they will probably eat the bubbles. This bubble bath smells yummy — like a garden but not too flowery.

CA baby bubble wand

AND YOU GUYS IT COMES WITH A BUBBLE WAND. What a genius idea! I realize you can probably adapt any bubble bath by simply cleaning a bubble wand and using it with your bubble bath, but I just love that California Baby thought of this for me. Because I did not think of it.

bubble bath with tillie

By the time bath time gets here, I barely know my name.


15 thoughts on “California (Baby) Knows How to Party.

      1. Okay, it looks way better than I was remembering. Maybe I was getting it confused with babyganics. The worst thing on CA baby bubble bath is sodium benzoate, which I do avoid. This is a million times better than johnson & johnson, so I would let my kid use it if we were at a friends or we got it as a present.

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        1. Ok. I think I’m good with that; I know that you do excellent research so that’s why I slightly freaked! Thanks for the link! I downloaded the app. 🙃
          What is your poofy site link? I’ll check out their bubble bath too. Does it have magic Calm The Baby Potion?


          1. I didn’t mean to freak you out! With Skib Deep, look at each ingredient, not just the overall rank a product is given. Also check out “eco friendly made in usa” blog. She has lists of bad, greenwashers, so-so, and approved companies with explanations as to why. She really started me on the research everything road. It has some essential oils including lavender! I think it smells great and bubbles really well. It needs a little help to get the suds going and we have fun with a dollar store whisk. Then it lasts at least 20-30 minutes and is good for bubble beards too.

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    1. We don’t really rinse. We do as well as we can in the tub, and then just wipe off the bubbles with her towel. She has no hair and hates getting it wet anyway, so that’s not an issue. And this bubble bath is all natural hippie love water so I feel ok about it LOL.

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  1. I’m going to have to pick some of this up…we ran out of bubble bath recently and my kids keep asking for it, but I only like to brands I can trust to have clean ingredients. Thanks for the review 🙂


  2. Oooh, we need this bubble bath in our life! I’m gonna have to try that out. We usually buy Mr. Bubbles, and it’s okay for BG, but I can’t stand it because the scent kills my asthma. She’s gotta have her “milk” though.


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