Hippity Hop.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Does the Easter Bunny visit your house? Does he hide the baskets or leave them out or something else? Does he hide eggs? Does he color them or hide ones you previously colored? Is he a she? What are your family’s Easter Bunny-related traditions?

Growing up, the Easter Bunny left baskets, but hid them. I think we will continue that tradition. But I’m not sure. This year, the Easter Bunny hid Babystar’s basket in her Little Tykes garden. (Bunny must have known that she still sucks at hide and seek.)


  • basket      $1.00
  • Pat the Bunny book     $3.99
  • Are You My Mommy? book     $6.99
  • Happybaby Teethers      $3.99
  • Pouch fruit      $2.50
  • Socks (inside eggs)     $5.99
  • Plastic eggs     $1.00
  • Bunny ears     $1.99





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