Monday’s Mama is Funny AF.

Introducing the funniest blogger that you aren’t reading.

(Or maybe you are. I don’t know your life.)

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According to Becca, she is a mom of two, wife of one, Bachelor franchise lover, Patriots fan, higher ed professional, adequate friend, extreme athlete (no), and descendant of Dutch royalty (maybe, prove she’s not). She thinks life is really funny and likes to stop and write about it at

And she is FREAKING HILARIOUS. I am a little bit mad that we aren’t best friends. I want to hang out with her all the time and drink wine and chase bats (the animal kind not the baseball kind) and go adult sledding. Instead, I follow her blog and all of her social media and you should too! She is on Twitter and Facebook and the regular awesome internet.

New Jersey

Becca answered a few of my questions and now I love her more.

1. What is YOUR favorite kid’s show that your kid watches? Wait, do you let your kids watch tv? If yes, what is your favorite show? If no, stop lying.
We let the kids watch a half hour of tv a day because apparently my husband and I both hate silence and sitting… I’m sure this rule is going to do the ole “bend and snap” at some point. But for now I can pretend to be all sanctimommy and come up with some baloney about “screen time” and “exploratory play” when in all reality the 1 year old is only actually interested in the tv for 45 seconds and the 2 year old is perfectly satisfied with two morning Daniel Tiger life lessons before heading to daycare. So to answer your question, Daniel Tiger. Curious George is fine too, but Daniel never tries to scale a building which is better role modeling for my toddlers. Also, Daniel’s parents are the most patient mammals on the whole dang earth… Just once I want to see Mrs. Tiger lose it a little and need a glass of Pinot.
2. What are Sundays like in the fall at your house? Like, game on in the background or at the stadium with painted faces or somewhere in between?
Game day? Drama, drama, drama. I’m a Patriots fan born and raised. My husband is die hard Broncos. We keep Etsy retailers in business by regularly paying people to make us split Bronco and Patriots gear for our kids. That’s what they wear on Sundays when we are both upstairs getting the kids dressed. If it is just one of us, well then you know darn well those kids are coming downstairs in head to toe Orange or Blue and Red. My husband already has won over our 2 year old to team Denver, so I’m putting in some overtime with the 1 year old. When they get older we will get back to going to games but for now, quite honestly we are just hoping that we can get them down to their naps before the end of the first quarter.

3. It’s the PTA Bakesale: homemade, store bought, or NOPE?

In my head right now? Homemade because I make killer chocolate chip cookies. In reality? In 3 years when my kids are in school I’ll probably be sending in a loaf of store bought bread, a box of mac and cheese, and a pack of plastic forks because I’ll forget if this was supposed to be a bake sale, a food drive, or a birthday party and I’ll want to cover my bases.
I am still mad at every Pats fan everywhere for the defeat of the Jags in the 2007 season playoff game that was 14-14 at halftime and we now know that Belichick totally cheats at halftime so he probably used a time machine or something but I make an exception for this woman because she is so totally awesome. Ok, fine, I don’t actually harbor ill will for New England fans but I do care enough to bring that game up with everyone in a Patriots jersey that I see after having three glasses of wine. I mostly drink wine at home on Friday nights now so the circles in that Venn diagram have almost completely split apart.
Go follow Becca (virtually, not around her neighborhood). You’ll thank me later. Or now. You can thank me now.

8 thoughts on “Monday’s Mama is Funny AF.

    1. I LOLed at that line, too. Darlene, you channeled Becca’s humor so well here! (Your posts are always funnily written as well, but you mirrored her voice so well here. Bffs indeed, lol.) Love this post; I think at some point I’ll send my kids in with a box of mac n cheese, plastic forks, and a loaf of bread, too, despite me saying I bake stuff now. HA!

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  1. Reblogged this on With love and a little self-deprecation and commented:
    As a matter of principle, I don’t post on my blog on Mondays. (Only half of that sentence is true.)
    And I guess while we are telling half-truths, let’s play Two Truths and a Lie real quick:

    1. I fundamentally don’t trust people who play lacrosse.
    2. I think mashed potatoes should go back to the Seventh Circle of Hell where they below.
    3. I’m an excellent bicyclist.

    Because this isn’t a full blog post I don’t need to explain myself further. Plus, I’m sure you know the right answer. If you don’t know me by now, you will never, ever, ever know me.

    But in any case, I’m really glad that Darlene posts on her blog on Mondays, because I enjoy both her sense of humor and her sass. And today I’m Monday’s Mama over on Baby Costs Money – so I’m making an exception to my incredibly strict and totally thought out “No Mondays” rule. I hope you’ll check it out because Patriots snark aside, Darlene made me sound way funnier than I really am and that’s super cool.

    Also, follow Baby Costs Money to learn how much it costs to raise a kid. (Hint, if your answer isn’t “All the money” you’re guessing too low.)

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  2. Ha! you girls are way too clever and funny for me…I’d be the one sitting in the corner quietly sipping my vino while the rest of you are talking in circles I can’t quite follow. I would nod in solidarity though, I promise. Heading over to Becca’s place now…thanks for the laugh!

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