Baby Bear.

It’s getting so COLD outside! I don’t know why I am surprised because it is January, after all. But December was downright TROPICAL so this is jarring!

Miss Teen USA found a nice warm polar bear suit on clearance on Carter’s online (even though we both swore to stay away from that Evil Temptress of a web site). However, I didn’t want to pay shipping. Or spend $35 so they would waive the shipping costs.

We went to the local brick and mortar and they had it for $10.99– in brown. Gray? Brown? (Grayish brown? Am I colorblind?) Either way, it’s more Teddy than Polar but it will still be fuzzy and cute and keep Babystar toasty.


I also bought a two pack of bibs for $2.99 and they are both already dirty and in the laundry. After adding tax and subtracting an additional 20% from clearance items, the total was $12.70.


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