DJ BabyStar in the Hizzy.

Last Thursday I drove out to Buy Buy Baby for baby noise cancelling headphones. We just got back from a trip to New York City that included a loud event for which the baby would need some ear protection. But I forgot to Amazon Prime them so had to find a store at the last minute. BBB to the rescue. I used a 20% off coupon, of course.

In the interest of time, I also bought disposable diapers there. We were almost out of her nighttime diapers (so I thought — I found some when I put the new ones in her closet) and I was trying to consolidate errands. Seventh Generation diapers were on sale so I bought two boxes. Their size 3 is meant for 16-28 pounds so this should hopefully take her to Size 4. We have a few more weekend trips coming up soon, plus we use one every night. Sometimes two.


BBB total: $67.74

And since I am writing this from the future, I can tell you that these super stylish headphones/noise blockers work great and look even better.





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