More clothes.

Carter’s marketing team is good.  Like, GOOD good.  They sent me $20 in bonus money for dropping all that cash on Sunday.  And they are having just the best sale.  And they sent me another coupon.  And and AND there is a Carter’s/Baby B’Gosh right down the street from me.

Also, I tested some of the clothes I bought on Sunday and they fit her just a little bit too big.  Some do fit.  Some are way too big.  So I went last night and bought all of these six month size clothes for $27.90.


(Semi-notable: Carter’s ‘baby boy’ clothes are super cute.  I’m not feeling the ‘baby girl’.  When I took this picture I realized that most of these came from the ‘baby boy’ side of the store.  Also, why are they separated?  They are babies, ffs.)