Fun with Failure.

What a nice way to live: “Failure can be fun.” That’s what I tell the kids while inside of my head I am totally annoyed because I hate wasting time but mom, it wasn’t wasted time because we had so much fun doing it and damn it the┬áTeenager is smarter than me.

I mentioned┬áthat we bought some wooden forks for Babystar’s first birthday with the hopes of decorating them. The plan was to dip them in paint so the ends were navy, light pink, or gold. We had that little theme going on.

So we did it. We are geniuses. Look how cool they are.





Guess what happened? Some of you smart people know already. We were not smart.




Yep. Just kidding. We are not geniuses. The paint pooled at the bottom and stuck to the paper. Whoops. We had the forks drying on an incline, but we really should have had them on a clothesline with a drop cloth underneath. I don’t have that kind of space in my house. Or my life.

I bought some stuff recently, though. Some boring stuff that’s not worth a post but still needs to be added to Babystar’s ever-growing bottom line.

  • giant pack of wipes from Costco: $19.99
  • box of Seventh Gen diapers (used Babies R Us points): $13.04
  • 3-pack of MAM pacifiers to replace the ones she keeps losing: $7.49
  • Baby Orajel and Motrin: $16.98
  • Smart Bottoms Monster Mash wet bag from Abby’s Lane: $20.14

Ok, that last one isn’t boring. I broke my ‘no-phones-during-dinner’ rule while out on a rare date with my husband to try to score an exclusive diaper. I got the wet bag but the diaper disappeared from my online shopping cart at check-out. Bummer. Look at this pretty print.




Cake Ponder.

We tried to take the typical Cake Smash pictures for Babystar’s first birthday with a colorful premade $6.99 cake from Harris Teeter. It is adorably called a ‘Patti Cake’ on my receipt. We were about a week late for the photo shoot, but in the grand scheme of her life it was very very close to her first birthday.


Babystar does not care for smashing cake. She does not count squishing icing among her turn-ons. (I admit, I was a little surprised because she pulverizes watermelon bits in her tiny fists just to watch the juice run down her arm onto the floor. Oh. Icing is not juicy. Never mind, I get it.)

She was like, mom. What is this. Get it off.

Still cute tho.