Horny Animals.

I have noticed a (maybe disturbing) trend in the nursery. Notice that I write that like I have nothing to do with it. Let’s back up a little.

I picked up an awesome new art print for Babystar’s nursery. Can you spot the difference? What do you think?





It was only after coming home, taking out the old print, and hanging the new one, that I realized I have a clear affinity for horny animals. But first let’s take a minute to discuss the reason I wanted NEEDED to change out that old print. I liked the design. I loved the pop of color it brought to the wall above the changing table. However, I just couldn’t deal with the rounded corners of the printed area that did not reach to the ninety degree angles of the mat inside the frame. Seriously. This bothered me every time I looked at it. Which was several times a day, due to the location above the changing table. Also. Please remember that this is the same changing table that is missing a drawer pull. That is ten times as noticeable but bothers me far less than this art print corner issue.


Yes, I know that my brain is weird. My kids are so lucky.

So ok, my attention to (insignificant) detail is a bit over the top. And now I have to worry about my new obsession with horny animals. Err, I mean, animals with horns. Just look at this pretty new print that I picked up at a local craft fair for only $10.60. (I thought I saved a business card from the booth but now I’m not sure. The card is from Block Party Press but when I google them, I only find an etsy shop selling jewelry. It’s pretty jewelry, though. And the print was marked down, so maybe they changed direction. Anyway. It’s super cute. Look.)


This brings the total to three horny animals. Two unicorns and a narwhal. The room isn’t even that big. (And you know I want that new stuffed unicorn head from Target’s new Pillowfort Collection but I fear we are already at Maximum Horn Capacity.)

Too much?