Patio Paradise.

Babystar was the big winner on Mother’s Day.

I had previously paid a local landscaper/handyman/general awesome guy $100 to clear the weeds (SO MANY WEEDS) and put down some mulch. My son and I tried to do it ourselves but after the fifth giant spider tried to murder us, we had to retreat. We had no choice.

Before Babystar, I always kept on top of the ‘gardening’. Gardening is in quotes because we live in a townhouse and the patio is not that big, but I still always grew herbs and sometimes even tomatoes and peppers and lettuce and chard. And I pulled the weeds on the regular.  I haven’t been able to do it the last two years because Babystar did not want to hang out with me outside. (Now she loves it!) So I guess the $100 is all her.

Mother’s Day was thankfully gorgeous and we did in fact make the patio an awesome place to be. I have flowers and herbs and even some tomato plants (though not as many as pre-baby). We also now have a Step2 Happy Home Cottage & Grill ($189.99) and Duck Pond Water Table ($34.99), along with a small plastic Babystar-sized chair ($7.99) for inside the playhouse and some plastic Little Tikes food ($14.99) for the faux-grill. 

I am looking forward to many hours of fun and relaxation on the patio verandah, dahling.





Sorting and Stacking.

Babystar is eight and a half months old! Wow. How?

We needed a shape sorter. HOW ELSE WILL SHE LEARN TO SORT SHAPES!?

Toys R Us was having a ‘Buy One, Get One 50% Off’ sale so she got a new Fisher Price Shape Sorter AND the delicious plastic stacking rings just like the ones at the library. Oh, and we also bought a Little Tikes piano because she loves the doorbell on her garden house thingy from Santa and the piano is like a bigger version of that. Most of her new toys so far were of the chew and rattle variety. We are stepping up the skill level.

(When can we play with Legos?!?)