Monday’s Mama is Extra AF.

This Monday I would like to introduce another of my real life blogging friends.


Heather of Lez B Vegan Moms is many things. Her blog name kind of clues us all in to the fact that she is a lesbian, a vegan, and a mom. But I bet you didn’t know that she knows ALL THE WORDS to Ice Ice Baby. Or that her idea of ‘Saturday morning cartoons’ is a mini-marathon of Gilmore Girls. Or that she brings themed toddler cups to playdates.

Like, no joke.

See that one on the right? She brought those along when we went to Dinosaur Land. SO. EXTRA.

Heather answered some of my nosy questions.

1. Vegan AND lesbian? Which of those gets more raised eyebrows in 2017? And why don’t you have a cat? Are you allergic or something?  

Yes, that’s right. Vegan AND lesbian. I also drive a Subaru (actually we’re a two Subaru family) so I am a walking cliché. Veganism definitely raises more eyebrows, especially when your kid is also vegan. We do not have a cat because I am allergic. Plus I am what you would call a dog person. I gush at dogs like I am looking at the cutest baby in the world.

2. Is there anything difficult about having a vegan toddler? Anything easy? What are you going to do if she wants to eat pepperoni pizza (or whatever non-vegan food seems appealing) someday?

 Raising a vegan toddler has been easy. Our household has been vegan for about six years so we are completely comfortable and informed. Our daughter eats what we eat; she is not a picky eater at all. We talk about what we choose not to eat in very simple terms. Right now she accepts our explanation without argument. When I have to say no to something she wants to try, I always find a substitute for her or make it at home. She talks about herbivores and knows we don’t buy things with cow’s milk.
(Y’all, Darlene here. This is so true. I brought donuts to Nook one day that she and her toddler were there. The very next day, Babystar and I went to her house and Heather had made Rice Krispie treats BUT SHAPED LIKE DONUTS. So. EXTRA.)

I know she will be curious one day about the things she has never tasted. By that time she will know and understand the whys of veganism. But she will probably still have that bite one day. What I hope is that she does not keep it a secret or feel she can not talk about it with her vegan moms.

3. What is your favorite family holiday tradition? What is something that you skip?

Our favorite family holiday tradition is making holiday themed art to hang around the house while wearing matching pajamas, watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and drinking hot chocolate with a peppermint stick accent. From October 1st to January 1st, I am a decorating, crafting, baking, Christmas song listening nightmare.  Yes, I was listening to Christmas music this week…It was Kelly Clarkson too. We skip a big Christmas Day dinner because we don’t want to spend all Christmas Day cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

4. It’s the PTA Bakesale. Handmade, store-bought, or nope?

Handmade. I am a pretty good vegan baker. I always wondered how my grandmother always had the items in her pantry to whip up a cake but it was because she did so often. I have reached Master Level Pantry Status and I couldn’t be prouder.
Heather tweets and blogs and posts THE CUTEST pictures on Instagram. You should totally follow her. You don’t have to be a vegan. Or a lesbian. It’s totally fine if you drink heterosexual cow’s milk. But. She will teach you how to make your own rice milk if you prefer because SO EXTRA.