Wash Me.

I paid the Teenager $20 so that I could shower.


To be more clear: I paid the Teenager $20 for two hours of babysitting so that I could vacuum and then take a long, hot shower that was worth every penny. (Also, there are like fifty filters on that picture because that is NOT how I look freshly showered.)

While in the shower, I realized that I have not added the cost of Babystar’s latest baby soaps. We bought the two-pack of Honest Creamsicle (or vanilla orange whatever) at Costco again, months ago. We are almost out of both, but they do almost last forever. Which is amazing because both because Babystar considers it a snack food AND she gets a bath every night. $14.99.

(I am lucky to get two showers in the same week. How did this happen?)


(There are zero filters on this picture because my bathroom tile is SO PRETTEEEEE.)


I haven’t added in laundry detergent since last May. I estimate I use about one extra box per month washing Babystar’s clothes and diapers. Sometimes less, sometimes more, but it’s a good average for now. And now I know that a box of Arm & Hammer from Harris Teeter (literally all we buy) is $8.46 with tax. So, $8.46 from June of last year is $109.98. I’ll add a box of laundry detergent each month to her monthly food post starting in August.




Dirty Laundry.

Babystar loves to help me with the laundry. Too bad she sucks at it.

IMG_1756 (1)

I stopped buying Dreft way back when Babystar was a newborn. And I also stopped buying the BumGenius diaper detergent last fall. I just use Arm & Hammer Powder Laundry Detergent for everything in the house.

I’ve gotta keep it legit here and add $7.99 a month to the bottom line to account for an extra box of detergent per month, starting from October. I wash Babystar’s clothes a lot. And I wash her diapers even more.

We don’t pay for water in our townhouse, so I don’t know if we have increased usage. I would guess no. I think I offset the extra water for laundry by never showering. I literally shower twice a week now. Am I gross?