Because I am Lazy.

We bought a second car seat.

It took us over a month to install the first one in the minivan. There is no way on this earth that I was going to move it to the Husband’s car when we decided to take the more comfy ride instead. No. Freaking. Way.

I’m sure it’s super simple. I’m just gonna Basic White Girl this one and say I just literally can’t even. Nopenopenope.

I also decided not to freak out this time and just picked one. Guess what? It’s less expensive and I think it might even be cooler. (I have not yet gotten Babystar’s vote.)  We purchased the Graco Extend2Fit so Babystar can have more leg room as she grows. If she grows. Little shortie. And it does that cool ‘zip-off-for-washing’ that I was soooo excited about with the one I bought a few months ago after researching for YEARS.

So far Babystar loves playing with it. In the box. Where it currently sits. Right inside the front door.


Serious question: why are some colors of car seats like $50-$100 more than others? For real? (I bought the car seat in ‘Gotham’ because it was $199 and all other colors everywhere were at least $249. Plus I had a Buy Buy Baby online 20% off coupon and they were offering free shipping. I didn’t even have to leave the house. The total with tax was $169.59.)

Little Brother is coming over tomorrow for a Game Night. I’m gonna surprise him with a cool new game called Please Help Me Install Yet Another Car Seat. He loves this game.