Socks on Blocks.

We are very pro-Dr. Suess in this house. But this wasn’t even intentional.


I bought her some cool blocks at Ross while the teens were shopping for clothes. And I also bought some socks because HOW DO WE LOSE SO MANY BABY SOCKS. I really have no idea where they go. And I put them together on the couch to snap a quick pic for this blog and only just now do I realize that BLOCKS ON SOCKS, SIR.

P.S. Look at these cool blocks! 100 for $14.99. I believe that is fifteen cents per block, right? I didn’t check. Either I am a math wizard or really dumb. Don’t tell me which, ok?The blocks are made of foam but they look like wood. And they don’t hurt when I step on them. Or when Babystar falls on them. Or when I throw them at any of the Teenagers (just kidding no I’m not!).



Fox ON Socks.

The snow is finally melting and we can get out again. Miss Teen USA hasn’t had school for a week and it is cancelled again today. We went to Targetland for a few groceries and some room to walk around.


This was Babystar’s first time in a shopping cart! Big girl!

I bought two pairs of socks from the $1 section. You know the section I mean. Yes, you do. One pair is Star Wars and the other has a fox. On the socks. We love Fox in Socks.

Fox in Socks, our game is done, Sir. Thank you for a lot of fun, Sir.