Ruffle Butt.

Summer is coming.

I fully expect to dress Babystar in t-shirts and diapers. Half of the appeal of cloth diapers is the incredible cuteness.

But. You guys. YOU GUYS. What if they could be even CUTER?



The Internet led me to a wonderful woman named Ruth with a wonderful online shop called Wiggly Bugs Fluff. I sent her a few of Babystar’s diapers and she added snaps to them so I could attach ruffles. She also made four ruffles. And she also embroidered Babystar’s name on the back of a diaper and it’s so pretty and the A in Star is actually a star and I love it. She did all this for $43, which included the cost to ship the diapers back to me. Plus $12 to ship the diapers to her in Maine.*

I’m totally going to get more diapers fitted with snaps and more pretty ruffles.


*I’m not sure that $12 is completely accurate but when I asked the Husband how much he paid for shipping, he said it was twelve bucks. I decided not to hackle him for the exact amount. He did take diapers to the post office after all.