I don’t know how to make these food posts more exciting. Maybe I’ll make that my New Year’s Resolution. But it’s still 2016 so here goes.

Food we bought especially for Babystar in November:

  • those weird fruit and veggie melts x4 $11.96
  • canned diced tomatoes x2 $2.48
  • digitali pasta $1.99
  • zucchini x2 $1.67
  • yogurt (which she didn’t like btw) $2.99
  • raspberries $3.99
  • TJ graham crackers x3 $5.97
  • pears $2.99
  • so much cheese $5.98
  • eggs $9.98
  • deli turkey $3.59
  • sweet potatoes (which she wouldn’t eat btw because they are apparently for babies) $4.99
  • butternut squash (still sitting on counter and likely bad by now) $2.77

The November tab is low. Babystar was so sick the first week of November that she basically had milk and crackers. And the milk is free! And the grandparents bought SO MUCH FOOD when we were there over Thanksgiving. Babystar looooves shrimp. Crap. Expensive baby tastes. She really loves seafood but I usually just share my salmon or whatever. Now I’ll probably be buying shrimp cocktail platters.


Eat a Peach.

The Allman Brothers, whoa. Talk about a Throw Back Thursday.

I am referring to actual peaches here. And clementines. And strawberries and eggs and waffles and food food food. I hate calculating Babystar’s food. It feels so much like work and the rest of this blog is so much fun. I don’t want to be a food accountant when I grow up or ever. But I am addicted to accuracy so I have to include the money we spend on her food or the whole thing is RUINED. Why yes, I am super fun to live with, why do you ask?

This is a list of all the food I purchased in July strictly for Babystar. This is not all the food that she ate. She still shares with me a lot. But I am not going to calculate how much two bites of steak costs. I would have eaten those two bites if she didn’t. And I am not going to subtract the fruit I eat from the pounds of strawberries or bags of clementines we buy because they would have gone bad before she ate them anyway. Basically, I buy a lot more fruit (and cheese, weirdo baby) now than I ever did before. I buy almost the exact same amount of vegetables (now that she’s on her puree strike). I buy way more Cheerios. I don’t eat her gross veggie melts. You get it. Maybe you get it. Let me know. I’m trying to do this right.

  • nectarines (12) $8.04
  • watermelon (3x)  $9.46
  • canned diced tomatoes  (5x) $4.95
  • zucchini (3x)  $4.50
  • so many bananas  (infinity)  $10.78
  • huge amount of Cheerios at Costco  $5.99
  • fancy precut pineapple  $5.79
  • so much cheese slices, deli and otherwise  $18.23
  • clementines by the bag (3x)   $9.97
  • cucumber  $0.50
  • deli ham  $3.30
  • ditalini pasta  (2x)  $5.38
  • strawberries (7x)  $21.00
  • peaches (3x)  $2.49
  • quinoa waffles (3x)  $10.77
  • Gerber fruit/veggie/yogurt melts  (13x)  $34.97  (OMFG!)
  • string cheese (1x) $2.50
  • Gerber pasta bowl  $2.39
  • sweet potato pancakes at a restaurant  $4.99
  • mozzarella toast at a restaurant  $4.99
  • fried rice at a restaurant (3x)  $23.97

Total $194.96. What? Really?? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF THIS FOOD SHE THROWS ON THE FLOOR?!? Thank goodness breastmilk is still free.

Protip #1: If you have a town center like place where you hang out, or you live in a city or something, get a single banana from a grocery store as a snack when out and about. It will only cost about twenty cents. And if you are very lucky, that grocery store might have free samples out and then you get a whole baby buffet. I love our local Harris Teeter’s Baby Buffet.

Protip #2: You can make a pretty healthy baby pasta by stewing together diced tomatoes and chopped, peeled zucchini. And use tiny noodles (I like ditalini but I wish I could find a whole wheat version) so you don’t have to cut up the food. I do about 70/30 veggie to pasta ratio and since the ‘sauce’ is so chunky, Babystar can feed herself with her fingers. Which she insists on doing all the time now.