Happy Father’s Day (Mate)!

Ok, so it’s not actually Father’s Day in the United States. But yesterday was Father’s Day in Australia, which totally reminded me that I did not write a Father’s Day post this year.


I didn’t write the things we bought for my darling husband on my eternal Babystar list because they were for HIM, not HER. But obviously I should have, because he is a father BECAUSE OF HER.

So. How freaking cute are these matching Big Dipper and Little Dipper t-shirts? I bought them from blackbirdsupply on Etsy, and they were $70.68. I paid for rush shipping because I am a terrible wife that did not plan ahead. Annoyingly, they arrived in plenty of time so I probably didn’t NEED the rush shipping but I am a wonderful wife that likes to be prepared. 😉

I also got them matching socks ($9.99) so they could look cool together at the local soft play rooms.

And Babystar painted a wooden heart shaped frame ($3 and I already had the paint) all by herself and it is the cutest thing in the world. Almost three months later, and I still haven’t ordered a picture for it. Maybe for Christmas?


HEY AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND PARENTS: Happy Father’s Day to you or any fathers in your life. How did you celebrate?


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, papas, step-dads, Uncle Dads, granddads, wish they were dads, about to be dads, and everyone in between. Cheers to you!

This adorable Papa Bear / Baby Bear t-shirt set was purchased from BoooTees shop on etsy.


Plus a card plus a gift bag and I’m just going to casually add the cost into the total at the bottom because the Dada reads this sometimes and if he wants to know how much his Father’s Day gift cost, he should have to do math.