Ezpz Bowling.

I’m not talking about the kind with bumpers.

Although, real talk, I totally bowled in the bumper lanes with my kids. I don’t even want to go bowling anymore now that the teens are past the age of bumper lanes.

And I was still terrible.

I’m way better at Wii Bowling and I know that is so ten years ago but whatever I still have a Wii and I still play sometimes. My Wii age is like 65 though. Yours?


Oh, right. I bought the ezpz bowl. I like the two ezpz minimats that we have. We use them as ‘snack plates’ on the little side table in the living room when we are too lazy to cook a real dinner but still need to feed the toddler healthy food. We sometimes eat late night (fancy) cheese and (fancy) crackers and (fancy) salami for dinner around here. I know. We fancy. And we share with Babystar but also give her fruit and veggies. (Just kidding it’s all fruit.) And we cut her food smaller so she doesn’t choke and stuff. Plus she takes one hundred hours to eat so if we didn’t save some for her she would be hungry all the time.

And now she wants to eat cereal or pasta or whatever out of bowls with spoons ALL BY HERSELF so I bought the ezpz bowl hoping it would stay put on her high chair. Her spoon skills are rudimentary at best.

The ezpz bowl does STAY on her Ikea high chair (unless she actively tries to remove it but duh it’s not glued down) but it doesn’t exactly FIT. Whoops. I should have measured.

Has anyone cut one of these? I’m thinking that has to be the solution. It totally ALMOST FITS. But at $24.98 (including shipping), I’m a little scared to cut it. Will it completely fall apart? No, right? Right? Please share any knowledge you might have. Or opinions. Or inspirational quotes about cutting things down to size or whatever.



Win an ezpz! Easy Peasy.

So I bought one of the ezpz mini mats. ($19.99.) You know, the one that fits on the Ikea high chair?

You know, the neato baby food tray that is either a MIRACLE or a FRAUD but nothing in between?

(Weird that people in Internetland have such strong opinions.)

So yeah, I bought one. And I liked it. The teenager and I opened the package and had fun sticking it to things. We were pretty amazed. It actually was really difficult to knock over.


But then, like a good little germ-hating mommy, I put it in the dishwasher before trying it out with Babystar. (It totally says DISHWASHER SAFE right on the package.)

Whoops. I do not think I should have dishwashered it. It lost a bit of its stickiness. But not stickiness, because it isn’t sticky. And it isn’t suction-y. It’s magic. It lost a bit of its magic in the dishwasher.


The Teenager and I replicated our earlier experiments and we were far less impressed. However. HOWEVER! I think there may also be some ANTILOP versus ezpz drama going on. (ANTILOP is the Ikea high chair’s stripper name.) I think they might hate each other. Or they secretly loooooove each other and don’t want any of us to know.

The ezpz mat seems to work great on this side table. She mostly entertained herself with her toys and books and snacks during So You Think You Can Dance. She even left her snacks on the table in between her dance breaks. (You guys, she can’t even really walk yet but girlfriend loves to dance. Standing up and shaking it. No hands. Adorable.) Babystar probably could lift the ezpz mini mat from that table, but for that matter, so could I. Who would want it to be stuck there forever? (Ok, maybe the baby.)


Verdict: I like it. I am looking forward to trying it while traveling. I wish I had not put it through the dishwasher. Half of me wants another one to try on the Ikea high chair sans dishwasher action but I probably won’t buy another.

Does anyone else have and love or hate one of these? Did you put it in the dishwasher? Do you have the Ikea ANTILOP?? I am mildly desperate to know how it works if you do not steam it in the machine first.

UPDATE: I wrote this post last week even though I am just posting it today. I have since taken it to a restaurant and it worked quite well. Oh, and the baby can basically walk now. I also reached out to the peeps at ezpz to see about doing a giveaway. They don’t do giveaways. BUT they will give me store credit for another mat if I buy one from their website and then review it. And I kind of already wanted another one to try on the Ikea highchair sans dishwasher action. So I will get a free one for you!

Enter here to win a ‘Babystar semi-approved’ ezpz mini mat in coral!

Shipping to US address only, please. And sorry. (Or ‘soory’ to those in Canada.)

UPDATE AGAIN: Congratulations to Amber R, winner of the ezpz mini mat. And thank you to everyone that played!