Frozen Food.


More Food Math = Bananas + Cherries + Strawberries + Tangelos + Apples + Green Beans + Broccoli + Pears + Sweet Potatoes + Peaches + Spinach + Peppers + Brussels Sprouts + Avocado + Watermelon + Oatmeal + Quinoa + Mango = $57.55.


The SHHH is Bananas.


And apples and sweet potatoes and squash and spinach and pears and mango and you get it.

I’ve been steady making food for the baby. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

She has opinions now, which I kind of DESPISE. Ugh, annoying baby with her developing brain and cognitive abilities.

I kept receipts instead of making billions of post because who has time for that? Not the lady that’s busy making baby food in all her free time.

  • Sweet potatoes     $4.88
  • Bananas     $2.09
  • Apples and pears     $6.98
  • TONS of fruit and veggies all at once     $51.18

That $51.18 was really all ingredients for Babystar’s food. She did share a little bit of watermelon and butternut squash with me and the Teen, but we sometimes share our food with her so I suspect it will all sort of even out. (We shared some chia seeds for some of her cubes also.) It’s very difficult to keep track of all her food because she eats SO MUCH. Where does it all go?!? Oh, right. Never mind. I remember.




Reusable Wipes.

I cannot do it. I cannot imagine reusing cloth wipes after seeing the poop that is coming out of my beautiful baby lately.

I want to. But how will I get the poop off of the cloth wipes? Please tell me. This is a real question. I have googled cloth wipes so many times but everyone just sort of skips over that part. I spray the diapers but they are big enough that I can fold them over sort of inside out and hold the edges while spraying. Yes of course sometimes it gets a little messy but it’s usually fine. But a small flimsy cloth wipe? Or in this case, a baby washcloth? How? Please tell me how.

However, I already have the empty plastic wipes tub and a plethora of baby washcloths and some baby friendly castille soap so I decided to make reusable FACE wipes. Maybe if they are already at the ready I will stop using paper towels to wipe Babystar’s face after messy meals. And let’s face it: all meals are messy meals.

First I gathered supplies.


Then I poured water from the Brita filter into the teapot to boil. Perhaps this is overkill but I really did not want anything growing in my little experiment. Once boiled and cooled just enough to not shatter the glass, I poured hot water over just enough soap to coat the bottom of a pint glass. It was a little cloudy but pretty well mixed.


Last I rolled up the washcloths, stacked them in the clean empty wipes container, and poured the soap mixture over the washcloths. I tried to pour evenly, and I did end up adding a bit more boiled water. I then sort of mixed around the washcloths and gave them a few squeezes to be sure they were all wet but not too wet.


So far they have been working great. And Babystar likes that she can have the wipes to help wash her face. (I couldn’t let her have the paper towels because, as you know, babies are goats.)




Fleece is the Word.

Babystar has been sampling new foods for a few weeks now, and something terrible is going on in her diapers. I am nostalgic for the smell of newborn poop. What the hell is wrong with me?

Dude. It’s gross. How is my sweet baby doing this?

On the plus side, I finally get to use my shiny new diaper sprayer. Yay?

Internet research tells me that fleece diaper liners are a thing. They are pricey, though. Like five to ten dollars per pack. And a pack is only about five liners. They are reusable of course, hence the high price tag. But here is the thing: I don’t want to spray the liners any more than I want to spray the diapers. Further internet research tells me that some people buy fleece from the fabric store and cut it to DIY diaper liners. This sounds good. Or at least, it sounds better. I bought a yard of fleece ($10.99/yard but 50% off at JoAnn’s) and I plan to cut it up to make liners. I intentionally chose a geometric pattern to make cutting straight lines easier. I hate measuring. And I know full well that I will toss the pee ones into the wet bag to wash and reuse and the poop ones into the trash can. And I have made my peace with that. I’ll let you know how the fleece holds up.