King Babystar.

Does anybody else co-sleep? Bed share? Succumb to the wills of a tiny tyrant? (I can’t remember the proper terminology.)

Last year at this time, I was determined that Babystar would sleep in her crib. She disagreed. She is almost one and our house gets plenty of sleep. So this is what works for us. Ok. I’m in.

All in, in fact.

We just bought a king size bed. Babystar was getting way too kicky in her sleep and Husband was spending way too many nights in the guest room and it just seemed like the smart thing to do. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. But we have now spent a few nights sleeping in this ocean of a bed and we are all much happier.

The mattress and box springs and taxes were $1,583.98. We had to buy sheets and a larger lightweight summer quilt for $69.99 and $79.99. We did not buy a bed frame or bed. We decided to low-ride instead until Tiny moves into her own room. I hope she doesn’t fall out of bed, but at least it’s not a far fall anymore. Just in case.

Babystar loves her new bed.


RAISING BABYSTAR: $9,557  (I love the even number. I do not love that total!)

Fast Food Nation.

Babystar had her Nine Months Doctor Visit yesterday. She’s now been on the outside as long as she’s been on the inside. Whoa. Doctor Lady says to start feeding her three times a day plus snacks. Four ounces of food per meal. Double Whoa. That’s four ice cubes! Plus snacks!? So just constantly feed the baby, all the time? Oy. Doctor Lady also said to add cereal and meat. MY BABY IS GROWING UP OH NO PLEASE STOP I WANT YOU TO STAY LITTLE.

She also said to teach her to sleep in a crib. For her safety. Since she’s crawling. So she doesn’t fall out of the big bed. We’ll see. *Sniff.*

So I bought some oatmeal. And some magic pouches. Ohhhh…pretty! We’re taking an impromptu weekend road trip for a great aunt’s funeral. (It’s not sad because she was old, right? Lived a long life and all that? Am I callous? Probably.) Lots of car time and hotel time and meeting family members and visiting so I really won’t have time for making Babystar three meals a day plus snacks. Baby fast food to the rescue!


I’m sure it will be fine. They totally say ‘organic’. But DUDE, those pouches were 4/$5! That’s ten bucks of pouch food right there. Holy expensive baby food, Batman! (OMG, one of the pediatricians in Doctor Lady’s practice is named Dr. Batman and I can’t even.) I can make SO MANY puree cubes for ten bucks. Yikes. Well, you know what they say about pouch food? It’s, um, expensive? That’s not a saying, is it? IT SHOULD BE.

Plus $2.89 for the oatmeal.

(I’m totally buying disposable diapers for this trip too. BRB gotta run to Target.)

EDIT: Updated total because I went to Target and bought those diapers. Found a box of Seventh Generation on clearance.



**Does anyone have experience moving a bedsharing baby to a crib? If so, please drop some wisdom my way.