I am in love, over the moon, OBSESSED with my new baby carrier. Yes, this makes five. Plus the water ring sling. (I gave away the Moby and K’tan.) Shhhh.

This print is EVERYTHING.


Rainbow Freaking Stars, I think it’s called. Or Incandescent Adventure, actually. I bought three of the Smart Bottoms diapers and one wet bag in this print at the Lil’ Tulips booth at MommyCon. Well, actually one of the diapers was Luminescent Adventure and two were Incandescent Adventure but they are basically the same except one is horizontal and one is vertical. Whatever, it’s RAINBOW FREAKING STARS.

(Oh, and I have one of those Incandescent Adventure Smart Bottoms diapers still unwashed and unused with a fun surprise in mind.)

I ordered the Tula and checked out and then remembered that I also wanted the matching Smart Bottoms drool pads. I hate paying shipping so I also added a pretty unicorn wet bag to the order to get to the minimum of $35 necessary for free shipping.

So I now get to wear Babystar in this beautiful Tula with matching drool pads and then keep it in a matching zippered bag. And she could even wear her matching diapers! I am genuinely so excited about this. I know it’s absurd and I don’t even care.

Between the mall and the zoo and regular life, we have already logged over ten hours in this baby and I’ve had it less than a week.



Look how pretty they are all packed up. That new unicorn bag has stars on it too — teeny tiny stars. The Tula Coast Shine lives there now.


I still love my Beco carriers but these Tulas are so soft and comfy, for me and for Babystar. Plus my husband can use them, and he had a hard time with the Beco. He loves wearing Babystar in a Tula, though. Yes, I am trying to justify these carriers to you lovely strangers on the Internet. Is it working?


Pimp My Beco.



I have three Beco baby carriers. And only one baby. And only one body, for that matter. I have two Geminis and a Soleil. I’m not even sorry. I like keeping one in the house and one in the car. Though I’m still sort of annoyed that I bought them right before Beco added a sweet pocket to the Geminis. And have you seen the new designs? Oh my god. So cute. And while the lack of a pocket will likely forever vex me, I am no longer sad that I bought a boring black carrier before I knew better.

I took a leap of faith, and a deep breath, and I crossed my fingers and toes, and ordered a custom carrier and strap cover set from a nice lady on etsy. Nancy at MyCottageTime made these beauties for me.



The peacock feather fabric is so pretty! I found the fabric on etsy, too, from MoonaFabrics. Nancy was really easy to work with. I just sent her the link for the fabric that I liked, and she ordered it and adjusted my custom price accordingly. Which meant that I did not get to see the print in person until my package arrived, so I was really blown away by how pretty it is in real life. You could have knocked my over with a feather (carrier cover)! Ugh. Sorry. Irresistible puns are my kryptonite.



The total with custom fabric upcharge and shipping and an extra set of strap covers was $59.45. It was at my doorstep just ten days from purchase, which is great speed considering that Nancy first had to order and receive the special fabric. I love it. I just love it.

Did I mention that I love it?


MommyCon 2015.

Have you heard of MommyCon?  It’s billed as a natural parenting conference and it mostly is just that.  (Partly it’s an anxious person’s nightmare, but that is really just my personal issues.)  We went today and I’m glad we did.  I actually went yesterday and today, but whatever.  If you did go, what did you think?

There was a lot to like, and a little to dislike, and there was definitely lots and lots of stuff.  Free* stuff!  The gift bag included really cool things like chew beads and bottles and sippy cups and nursing pads and toddler snacks and probiotic vitamins.  And also some useless (to me) things like nipple shields and odd samples and random coupons and ugly maternity workout shirt.  I also received a free** Beco Soleil baby carrier as part of the VIP ticket.

We also bought some cool things from vendors while there.

Cost breakdown:

Two tickets (actually three but we gave one away) + one VIP ticket  $175

3 silicon teethers $15 (one each for Babystar, niece V, and nephew X)

BumGenius Alicia Elemental diaper (bought black market from another mom) $35

Blueberry Feathers Organic Simplex diaper $34.95

Smart Bottoms Jax & Jill diaper and two wet bags $80

Another wet bag with cute deer $29

Jammy Jams music $10

Bamboo sleep sack $24.95

Beco Gemini Twilight carrier $117


$520.90.  Yikes.


(Ooh look, an even dollar amount!)

*Not really free because I had to buy the ticket.

**Also not free because the VIP ticket was $100.