Ok, we all know that I mean sunscreen but does ANY TODDLER like having sunscreen applied? Maybe it just needs a new name? Funscreen. Like when I call bathtime, splashtime. No?

MAYDAY MAYDAY: Does anyone have any ideas on how to apply sunscreen to a wiggly ToddlerMonster in a fun, laughter-filled manner? Or at least in a way that gets full coverage with zero tears?

I ordered the Target Baby Box last April ($5) with some great intentions of reviewing products for all of you wonderful people that take the time to read my little blog. I wanted to give something back to you, even if that something is just more of my opinions. I did not do that. Mostly because I’m lazy. But I did discover a wonderful baby sunscreen through that Baby Box so it was totally worth it.

I highly recommend the Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Lotion Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50. I have read a lot of scary articles this past spring about all of the poisonous crap in a lot of sunscreens out there in the world. I even found out that my SPF 15 face lotion was most likely going to kill me.

MAYDAY MAYDAY: Does anyone have and love a grownup face moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15?

I used the entire tiny bottle of Aveeno Sunscreen that came in the Target Baby Box and just recently had to replenish ($10.49). It goes on not-too-thick and it’s not at all greasy, but it definitely works. We have been in the sun quite a bit this summer and my little pale blond super white ghost baby has not had a single sunburn. Babystar is the whitest little marshmallow ever, so this stuff is legit!


Beach Bum.

Babystar and I went to Florida last week to visit grandparents. My grandmother is a Leap Day baby and she actually had a birthday this year — her twenty-third birthday ever! We went down for the celebration. Poor Babystar was getting over her first cold, but after being cleared by the pediatrician, we decided to go anyway. It was Grandma’s first time meeting the baby and we didn’t want to delay those kisses! We stocked up on provisions for the Department of Just in Case. (Also Little Remedies saline drops, $4.19; not pictured.)


I have heard great things about the NoseFrida, $15.19, but I have yet to use one. Also grabbed extra filters, $3.99, and vitamin D drops because she was out, $10.99. I was fully prepared to take the plunge (or the suck), but we took that lingering runny nose to the beach and LEFT IT THERE. Cured by Dr. Ocean.