Socks on Blocks.

We are very pro-Dr. Suess in this house. But this wasn’t even intentional.


I bought her some cool blocks at Ross while the teens were shopping for clothes. And I also bought some socks because HOW DO WE LOSE SO MANY BABY SOCKS. I really have no idea where they go. And I put them together on the couch to snap a quick pic for this blog and only just now do I realize that BLOCKS ON SOCKS, SIR.

P.S. Look at these cool blocks! 100 for $14.99. I believe that is fifteen cents per block, right? I didn’t check. Either I am a math wizard or really dumb. Don’t tell me which, ok?The blocks are made of foam but they look like wood. And they don’t hurt when I step on them. Or when Babystar falls on them. Or when I throw them at any of the Teenagers (just kidding no I’m not!).