YOU GUYS! Babystar is learning baby signs! She’s so smart!

I have been only sorta kinda teaching her the baby signs. I never even read this book. (I think I’ll go read it now!) We mostly do ‘eat’ and ‘water’ and ‘more.’ It’s mostly me doing them during mealtimes, but also sometimes the Teenager or the Husband.


Last night Babystar had the wiggles at bedtime so her dad took her downstairs to play while I tried to sleep. Soon he came upstairs to ask if she could be hungry BECAUSE SHE KEPT DOING THE SIGN FOR ‘MORE’.

I am so proud of her.

And yes, she was hungry and enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios and then settled down and was asleep soon after.

I kind of can’t believe it. The baby is a smart.


Has anyone else had success with baby signs? Around what age did it start to take? What are your favorite/most useful signs?

I just looked up banana and I think it is my new favorite but which ones should I really be learning??