When Grandma Comes to Town.

Granny and Grampy (the in-laws) were in town last weekend and they wanted to take Babystar shopping for things that she NEEDS. I anticipated this because I am excellent at seeing the future and because they do this every time (AND because they kept reminding me) so I thought Stride Rite seemed the perfect destination.

Babystar got new Mary Janes because her current favorite shoes are about to not fit anymore (and I have no idea where to buy them). And she also got some fuzzy-inside, comfy winter boots because it gets cold here in Northern Virginia. So that was wonderful and very helpful. And Babystar even got a few stickers. Luckily, Stride Rite made sure she knew which stickers were appropriate for a little girl via the tried-and-true color coding system. And luckily my baby don’t give a fuuuuck. You already know we came home with Star Wars AND Sesame Street WHAAAAAAAAAT.


Have you ever been to Tyson’s Corner Mall? If you live in or near Northern Virginia, the answer is probably yes. Do you know what store is right next door to Stride Rite? If you said the American Girl store, you win. Guess what you win? You get to give ME $100.

I have already gone on record about the American Girl store. But I’m not even mad. Here’s how it went down. Babystar raced into the red and pink wonderland so Grammy and I followed.

Babystar headed straight for the ‘babies’ like they were calling her name and singing her favorite songs and I’m not convinced that they weren’t. And of course the ‘babies’ are on REALLY LOW shelves, right? So here is Babystar manipulating Grammy into bringing a Bitty Baby home with us.


So effective, right? I almost want to buy her one and I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to buy her one.


Of course it worked. She even got an extra outfit because she said ‘kitty’ and pointed to an outfit with a cat on it. (Yes, she knows the word kitty and I am very proud but am I more proud of her vocabulary or her clear ability to control her world around her? I’m not sure yet.)


She immediately has to show Grampy who is waiting on the bench outside because he is smart. And she is smart.


And then be ALL CUTE about it. Jeez, ok, that little pose is worth $60, I guess. Suckers.


And here I imagine her thinking, mama, give me the camera. This is none of your business.

The lovely, thoughtful,  well-meaning grandparents also bought her three pairs of maxaloones from etsy because I wanted her to have pants that will fit over her cloth diapers and hopefully last an entire season. I let Grammy pick (but I only showed her cute ones to choose from) and I’m excited for them to arrive in the mail!



New Kicks.

Babystar is a dirty little hippie.

What did I expect, dressing her like this?


This little hippie has learned to walk and wants to run around everywhere. BAREFOOT.

This is mostly fine with me and I am definitely the mom with the barefoot toddler almost everywhere. Library story time. Grocery store. Basically, anywhere with a roof. Or a floor. One or the other. But she has to wear shoes outside for safety and stuff. I know this because I get mean looks at the park and I only let her on the swings where her feet ARE IN THE AIR. And ok, maybe on the slide too but I am holding her the whole time and she barely gets sand on her toes and ok yes I get it she needs to wear shoes.

We tried to try on shoes three different times. She screams when I put them on her feet. I learned that sandals are a definite no. There is NO WAY IN HELL anything can go between her toes. Or over her toes. Or near her toes. I have to first trick her with socks, and then she still mildly protested the tennis shoes. But at least she didn’t scream. She’s almost out of a size 3 but the size 4 is still too big. But she didn’t like could not stand walking in the size 4 so I had to get the 3 too. We have a ‘shoes needed’ adventure coming up soon. Babies R Us had ‘buy one, get one half off’ so I bought a size 3 and a size 4, for a total of $27.01. She will probably outgrow the size threes by the time I finish this paragraph.

They cute tho.


Does anyone have any shoe recommendations? Or perhaps just coping mechanisms? Or maybe even just a nice wine recommendation for afterwards?

(What wine pairs best with whining?)

Babystar has fat fat adorable delicious fat fat feet. And she hates anything touching her toes. Or her heels. Or her soles. Who makes that shoe? Or can she just be barefoot forever? Maybe she will be the next Shailene Woodley?