Strolling with the Homies.

Crap. Are the peeps at Babies R Us now MY HOMIES?! Yes, I guess so. Crapcrapcrap.

Whatever. My homies are on fleek.

We were gifted the smooth riding but very gigantic BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller at one of our million baby showers last year. P.S. No one in this house jogs. But it’s still a sweet ride plus it’s like the official stroller of Arlington so we look like we belong. We love it for (not) jogging around the neighborhood.

However. When we travel, I have to decide whether to bring the stroller or our suitcases. The stroller or the diaper bag. The stroller or the baby. It takes up all of the storage space in the VW, and most of the storage space in the minivan. So I have been reading reviews of smaller lightweight strollers for like three months trying to decide which one to buy.

I almost bought that new GB Pockit but it doesn’t recline. Babystar likes to nap during long walks. Travel = long walks. We need the recline. I wish we didn’t but we do so I had to pick a different stroller.

Do you know how many stroller comparison charts are on the internet?

No. You cannot know. The number is infinite.

I finally decided on the GB Zuzu. It was even on sale! $125.99 marked down from $179.99. Yay! But my local Babies R Us was out of stock. Booo. But then they said they would sell me the floor model (which was already assembled!). Yay! AND they would give me 50% off of the sale price!! $62.99!! OMG. YES.

Come along and ride stroll on a fantastic voyage.


Babies R Us also had Babyganics products on sale. Buy one, get one half off. I also bought two packs of disposable diapers, a bottle of non-toxic toy and high chair cleaner, and a small bottle of baby bath. The total at Babies R Us was $95.48.