Big Girl Baths.

Babystar grew out of the baby bath tub about five seconds after she learned to sit up. So, late December. I remembered having this really cool bath seat back in the 1900s when the now-teens were slippery toddlers. I think I used Luvs diaper points to get this seat, which reminds me, what ever happened to Luvs diapers? The seat was like a suction cup chair that they sat in, but it was open to the water. I googled around and the closest thing I could find was this. It’s just over thirty bucks today, which is not nothing, and it was just over fifty bucks when I was searching back around Christmas.


I checked Craigslist a few times but never saw one listed, so I decided to try to do without one of these cool seats. Babystar was a slippery, wobbly little bath monster in January, so I bathed with her. It worked, but it was zero fun. (Zero fun for mama, I mean. I’m pretty sure Babystar liked the bath buffet just fine.)

Two cool things happened. One: I stopped bathing the baby so much. Her eczema disappeared. I’m not saying that one action necessarily caused the other, but it could have. It might have been the coconut oil. It might have been the weather. It might have been her age. But it also might have been the fact that I literally only bathed her once a week unless she peed on her own head (once on the changing table) or had a particularly messy diaper. And Two: She passed the need for such a bath seat, and can now take a bath all by herself. Well, not really at all, of course. She still needs constant supervision to avoid drowning and all, but she can at least sit up unassisted in the water. I mean, she still wants to crawl and stuff, but she at least CAN sit up. Don’t worry. I hover about two inches from her at all times. But at least I get to keep my clothes on.

We got an extra long non-slip mat for the tub, and a bunch of new bath toys! So far, she prefers the rubber duckie. So basic.


The total at Babies R Us was $48.48. More importantly, I learned that if I just wait a freaking minute, maybe Miss Babystar doesn’t need whatever thing I think she needs. Good lesson.