I am in love, over the moon, OBSESSED with my new baby carrier. Yes, this makes five. Plus the water ring sling. (I gave away the Moby and K’tan.) Shhhh.

This print is EVERYTHING.


Rainbow Freaking Stars, I think it’s called. Or Incandescent Adventure, actually. I bought three of the Smart Bottoms diapers and one wet bag in this print at the Lil’ Tulips booth at MommyCon. Well, actually one of the diapers was Luminescent Adventure and two were Incandescent Adventure but they are basically the same except one is horizontal and one is vertical. Whatever, it’s RAINBOW FREAKING STARS.

(Oh, and I have one of those Incandescent Adventure Smart Bottoms diapers still unwashed and unused with a fun surprise in mind.)

I ordered the Tula and checked out and then remembered that I also wanted the matching Smart Bottoms drool pads. I hate paying shipping so I also added a pretty unicorn wet bag to the order to get to the minimum of $35 necessary for free shipping.

So I now get to wear Babystar in this beautiful Tula with matching drool pads and then keep it in a matching zippered bag. And she could even wear her matching diapers! I am genuinely so excited about this. I know it’s absurd and I don’t even care.

Between the mall and the zoo and regular life, we have already logged over ten hours in this baby and I’ve had it less than a week.



Look how pretty they are all packed up. That new unicorn bag has stars on it too — teeny tiny stars. The Tula Coast Shine lives there now.


I still love my Beco carriers but these Tulas are so soft and comfy, for me and for Babystar. Plus my husband can use them, and he had a hard time with the Beco. He loves wearing Babystar in a Tula, though. Yes, I am trying to justify these carriers to you lovely strangers on the Internet. Is it working?


King Babystar.

Does anybody else co-sleep? Bed share? Succumb to the wills of a tiny tyrant? (I can’t remember the proper terminology.)

Last year at this time, I was determined that Babystar would sleep in her crib. She disagreed. She is almost one and our house gets plenty of sleep. So this is what works for us. Ok. I’m in.

All in, in fact.

We just bought a king size bed. Babystar was getting way too kicky in her sleep and Husband was spending way too many nights in the guest room and it just seemed like the smart thing to do. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. But we have now spent a few nights sleeping in this ocean of a bed and we are all much happier.

The mattress and box springs and taxes were $1,583.98. We had to buy sheets and a larger lightweight summer quilt for $69.99 and $79.99. We did not buy a bed frame or bed. We decided to low-ride instead until Tiny moves into her own room. I hope she doesn’t fall out of bed, but at least it’s not a far fall anymore. Just in case.

Babystar loves her new bed.


RAISING BABYSTAR: $9,557  (I love the even number. I do not love that total!)