Bought some diapers, eh.

We just got back from a week in Vancouver! Look at the cute baby! And the moose! We did not purchase that moose!


We did purchase a pack of disposable diapers (no I did not bring cloth diapers to a hotel in another country) for $18.99, a pack of wipes for $4.99, and three hats at $11, $2, and $2.  The first warm hat was out of necessity and the second and third were at a secondhand shop and purchased for cuteness. Oh, and a set of baby mittens for a dollar, from that same secondhand shop.

And a book. We bought the baby a board book for $11.99.


And a print. We bought a cute narwhal print for the nursery for $25.

These were Canadian dollars. The total in US dollars is $57.92.


Reading is Fundamental.

I know the baby can’t read yet.  Not until next month at least.

All the books say read to your baby and I’m tired of reading the same books over and over so we added to the collection. I love a good brick and mortar book store and I know that they are disappearing because people keep ordering books from the internet.  Yet I still ordered these from the internet.  Thanks, Amazon. (Also they were much less than the cover price.  Thanks again, Amazon!)

Total $53.65