Joke of the Day.

Three tomatoes are walking down the street: a papa tomato, a mama tomato, and a little baby tomato. The little baby tomato starts lagging behind. The papa tomato gets mad, goes back to the baby tomato and smooshes him and says, “Catch up.”

Five cool points to anyone that immediately knows the movie reference. Are you old like me? Did you see Pulp Fiction in the theater? Or do you just like Vintage Independent Film?

This is my ketchup post. My catch up post. Between battling colds of both the mommy and baby variety and a week in the Florida sun, I’ve neglected to note a few purchases. The numbers are off. This is frankly unacceptable to my perfectionist Virgo soul. Remedy below.

Sandra Boynton books from Costco: $12.99


(ProTip: Fifteen Animals has a satisfying Shyamalan-esque twist.)

Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle: $9.99


H&M sweater and Ramones shirt with guitar leggings: $5 (clearance) and $17.99

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Red Dog, Green Cat.

Babystar was bored by the Rothkos at the MoMA and slept in her Beco baby carrier while the Teenager and I wandered the museum. We bought her a $6.99 present in the gift shop so she can be super cultured and hip. Though the Teen is concerned that Andy Warhol is going to lead her astray with his green cats and red dogs.



They Forgot Teal.

We just got back from visiting the in-laws and they live near the cutest store called The Kangaroo Pouch in Myrtle Beach. We went in to check it out while out for a Boxing Day walk and Husband could not resist these adorable, overpriced board books for Babystar ($23.23 for both).




When Santa Sticks you With the Bill…

Happy Christmas to all!

Look what Santa brought! Lil Tykes Activity Garden, made for ages 6-36 months. Hopefully she will get lots of play time out of this one.


$59.99 from Costco.

I had full intentions of leaving it at that. She won’t remember. She doesn’t care. But with a 16-year-old Helper Elf in the house this Christmas, Babystar ended up with a few more gifts under the tree. She had twice the amount of presents to open as the teenagers. And it took her fifty times as long to open them. Well, drool on them and excitedly bang on them and play with the bows while the tall people in the room all ‘helped’ her open them.


For Accounting Purposes:

Eight board books, wrapped individually. Why did we do that??  (Costco): $15.98

Press Here, a cute interactive book (Costco): $9.99


Two wooden teething rings (Marshall’s): $5.94

Plastic teething ring (Marshall’s): $1.97

Vibrating teething grapes (Marshall’s): $2.97

Crinkly ‘book’ (Carter’s Outlet): $4


Sassy Crib & Floor Mirror (Buy Buy Baby): $9.99

Stuffed monster with mirror belly (Carter’s Outlet): $8


Plastic links because you can never have enough (Buy Buy Baby): $4.99

Alphabet links: $5.99

Holly Jolly Total: $129.81

(I obviously did not include gifts purchased by siblings or grandparents, etc. I was pleasantly surprised that the new grandparents did not go overboard.)