Sorting and Stacking.

Babystar is eight and a half months old! Wow. How?

We needed a shape sorter. HOW ELSE WILL SHE LEARN TO SORT SHAPES!?

Toys R Us was having a ‘Buy One, Get One 50% Off’ sale so she got a new Fisher Price Shape Sorter AND the delicious plastic stacking rings just like the ones at the library. Oh, and we also bought a Little Tikes piano because she loves the doorbell on her garden house thingy from Santa and the piano is like a bigger version of that. Most of her new toys so far were of the chew and rattle variety. We are stepping up the skill level.

(When can we play with Legos?!?)



Monster Truck Jam on the Floor.

We have been going to a fun lap-baby story time at the library each week. A very nice lady reads a few books, sings a few songs, and does a few bouncy-knee or hand-clap baby rhymes for twenty minutes, then the babies all play on the floor for the rest of the hour. The library has a cool stash of baby toys, and Babystar loves the balls and the cars. Anything that rolls, really.


We didn’t have any cars for her to play with at home. Until now. I picked up this cool six-pack of Battat Monster Trucks for $8.99 yesterday. So bright and pretty. So far she likes watching me roll them on the floor. And she likes to eat them. I am looking forward to some serious monster truck floor shows this year.




(And I bought a giant pack of Costco wipes for $19.99. I wasn’t even out of wipes. I was just at Costco.)


When Santa Sticks you With the Bill…

Happy Christmas to all!

Look what Santa brought! Lil Tykes Activity Garden, made for ages 6-36 months. Hopefully she will get lots of play time out of this one.


$59.99 from Costco.

I had full intentions of leaving it at that. She won’t remember. She doesn’t care. But with a 16-year-old Helper Elf in the house this Christmas, Babystar ended up with a few more gifts under the tree. She had twice the amount of presents to open as the teenagers. And it took her fifty times as long to open them. Well, drool on them and excitedly bang on them and play with the bows while the tall people in the room all ‘helped’ her open them.


For Accounting Purposes:

Eight board books, wrapped individually. Why did we do that??  (Costco): $15.98

Press Here, a cute interactive book (Costco): $9.99


Two wooden teething rings (Marshall’s): $5.94

Plastic teething ring (Marshall’s): $1.97

Vibrating teething grapes (Marshall’s): $2.97

Crinkly ‘book’ (Carter’s Outlet): $4


Sassy Crib & Floor Mirror (Buy Buy Baby): $9.99

Stuffed monster with mirror belly (Carter’s Outlet): $8


Plastic links because you can never have enough (Buy Buy Baby): $4.99

Alphabet links: $5.99

Holly Jolly Total: $129.81

(I obviously did not include gifts purchased by siblings or grandparents, etc. I was pleasantly surprised that the new grandparents did not go overboard.)