Dirty Laundry.

Babystar loves to help me with the laundry. Too bad she sucks at it.

IMG_1756 (1)

I stopped buying Dreft way back when Babystar was a newborn. And I also stopped buying the BumGenius diaper detergent last fall. I just use Arm & Hammer Powder Laundry Detergent for everything in the house.

I’ve gotta keep it legit here and add $7.99 a month to the bottom line to account for an extra box of detergent per month, starting from October. I wash Babystar’s clothes a lot. And I wash her diapers even more.

We don’t pay for water in our townhouse, so I don’t know if we have increased usage. I would guess no. I think I offset the extra water for laundry by never showering. I literally shower twice a week now. Am I gross?



Today’s Secret Word is SICK.

Babystar is sick.

Mama is sick.

The Teenager is sick.

The Husband is so far spared, but he is now the Nurse so we’ll see.

We have spent the last few days like this.


Sick baby visit: $15.

Pedialyte: $6.08.

Pack of diapers, Luvs (I told him to get the cheapest they had. I didn’t even know Luvs were still being made. Are these from the past? I’m using disposables under cloth to try to contain the horribleness and it is almost working.): $8.99.