Sand castles to go go.

If you like sand say ohhhhhh. If you like sand say oh! OH!

Throw the sand in the air like you just don’t care.

No! Stop! We DON’T. THROW. SAND.

When we go to the library, Babystar wants to spend the entire time in the sandbox.

When we go to the mall, same.

She once went to the Children’s Museum in Denver and she spent the entire time in the giant sandbox out back.

You get it. The kid loves sand.

Please no one tell her that it is possible to have a sandbox at home. I don’t want any part of that noise. I know, I’m a terrible mother. Fine. Whatever.

I DID pick up some sand toys and sun hats from the Target Dollar Aisles ($14) and I keep them in the car because I never really know when we will find ourselves at a sunny sandbox. Babystar has sand radar. Sandar. If there is sand, she will find it.

sand toys

We had a Problem With Sharing for a while. We bought extra shovels and pails so we would be able to share and maybe make some kindred sand spirit friends. Babystar was getting extremely (though probably rationally) worried that the other kids would take her sand toys and never ever ever give them back. We solved that problem by labeling all of the toys. Mabel’s Labels sent us these awesome labels. (They didn’t ask for a review or anything and this is not an affiliate link. I think they are just partial to Babystar’s name.) These labels are the bomb dot com. They have been through round and round of sand and water and sun and sand and sand and sand and they still look brand new and shiny and glittery. And they also solved the Sharing Situations. I’m pretty sure these labels are magic. Just if you were wondering.

sand play

Babystar doesn’t need a sandbox anyway. She finds plenty of ‘sand’ on the farm and she does not discriminate. Others might call it light brown dirt. Or dust. Or sometimes small rocks. But it is all sand to Babystar.




7 thoughts on “Sand castles to go go.

  1. May got a sandbox as a gift this year and though I was worried at first (I had a bad childhood experience with sand…cousin throwing it, sand in my eye, trip to the doctor and them poking my eye with a giant q-tip…you know how it goes) she’s actually done pretty good with it. I even kinda enjoy it because it is one time during the day that May stays in one place so I can sit down, stick my feet in the sand, and pretend I’m at the beach….living the dream 🙂

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  2. All my kids want to do is play in the dirt. Anytime we go to the park they get water to play in the sand… I’ve dumped out so much sand from their shoes I could make my own sandbox.


  3. We had a sandbox and it was played with a lot. Then spiders and other bug types wanted to play and Munchkin was not cool with that. I would pull the plants (it grew plants!) and remove the bugs from it and we got a bit of use out of it. But gross. Don’t do it.


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