She calls them dandy-blows.

Toddler malapropisms are just the best, right?

Please share your favorites with the class in the comments.

Babystar says actually instead of accidentally. So we hear a lot of ‘I actually dropped my crayon!’ and ‘I actually bumped my leg!’ Like she simply cannot believe what is happening. It is adorable and hilarious.

She has also learned the phrase ‘pretty sure’ but she uses it to mean ‘absolutely sure’. As in, ‘I’m sure I will share my sand toys with the other children. I’m pretty sure.’

(But she is actually speaking the truth because no one can ever be sure AT ALL that Babystar will share her sand toys.)

Babystar calls dandelions dandy-blows once they have turned to seed.

Tbh her word makes much more sense and I’d like to petition to have the name officially changed. Who is in charge of naming flowers please?


This H&M dress was $7.99. This picture is priceless.


9 thoughts on “She calls them dandy-blows.

    1. Aw like ‘It’s boot today?’ I was about to type that the cold sometimes made ME feel boot-y, but then I realized that ‘booty’ is an actual word. Babystar has also started adding -y onto nouns to make fun new verbs. When we are doing boring errands, she complains that she is feeling ‘homey’ (wants to go home) and when she wants to chill with some Llama Llama on tv she says she is feeling ‘watchy’. ‘Boot-y’ feels like it should fit. 🙂

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  1. So cute!! My daughter calls them Beezlebuzz (after “Bees will buzz, kids will blow dandelion fuzz” from Olaf’s summer song). She knows the yellow flowers are dandelions but beezlebuzz has stuck and it’s just one of my favorite things.

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    1. That is ADORABLE! And as a frequent Frozen soundtrack listener myself, beezlebuzz makes TOTAL sense!!

      (Except we cannot listen to the SCARY dress song. She calls ‘Let it Go’ the dress song and I know I heard it a million times the year it came out but now I miss that song. I miss ‘Let it Go’. I played it in the car the other day because I went somewhere alone! I might be the only parent that feels that way.)

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