Monday’s Mama is Slaying the #cutefood.


This Monday, I would like everyone to meet Angie Arias, the amazing mama behind the Angie is freaking awesome! She makes the CUTEST FOOD for her toddler. And it’s healthy. And she takes pictures of it, so follow her on Instagram for inspiration. Or, if you’re like me, follow her just so you know that at least one awesome mama is making these awesome adorable lunches for her toddler.

Ok, she did inspire me to break a granola bar in half for eyes and put it on a plate with a banana and Babystar LOVES it so Angie is totally onto something here.


I am OBSESSED with Angie’s Instagram. You will be too.

Angie is a stay at home mom to one beautiful, smart, funny, and active little girl. Her name is Emma and she will be two this month. (Happy birthday, Emma!) Angie love to cook so created this blog to share her healthy and delicious recipes. You can find everything from homemade baby purées, to finger foods, to fancy holiday themed meals to family meals and more. I have asked her more than once to come be my personal chef but I think she thinks that I’m joking. (I’m not. Her toddler food is fancier than anything I make for myself.)
Angie (Angelica if you’re nasty) answered some questions, because she’s so cool like that.
1. Are you kidding me with the food that you make?! Your Instagram has the cutest food EVER.  I am dying to know: Does Emma really eat it?
Thank you! Yes, she really does. But she does have days that she wants to be difficult so she chooses what she wants to eat from her plate and what she refuses. That’s why I like to give her a variety of healthy and nutritious foods with all her meals. I get peace of mind that she’s still getting essential vitamins and minerals she needs from her foods.

2. Do you have any ‘simple spice it up’ advice for those of us that can’t make masterpieces out of every meal but totally want to make cute food that our kids will eat?

Just get creative and have fun with it. Use as many colors as possible and a good balanced variety of foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, etc). The more colors the better. Also, my secret to a beautiful plate is using cookie cutters. I get all of mine on amazon and they’re pretty cheap. Use them on your fruits and veggies or even your bread to make a fun shaped toast. We all eat with our eyes and kids are no exception!

3. What is YOUR favorite food? And what is your favorite UNHEALTHY food?

That’s a hard one! Lol I really love food!! I guess I would have to say Salmon! And unhealthy food has to be pizza! I can eat a whole large pizza by myself lol!

4. It’s the PTA Bakesale: homemade, store bought, or NOPE?

A- Homemade of course! Thank you so much for having me.

(OMG y’all. Angie is a total badass AND she’s got manners. AND she can eat an entire pizza by herself. #TripleThreat)


You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest . But don’t sleep on that Instagram. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Mama is Slaying the #cutefood.

  1. Hey, nice profile of Angie! And if you’ve never checked her out on IG, peeps, ***just do it*** – it’s the healthiest and most delicious-looking kiddo food you’ve ever seen, and I totally want Angie to make MY lunches.

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