New Year, New Altitude.

T minus thirteen.


Oh wait, I meant to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you are heading into this New Year with confidence and optimism and well-behaved children. (Or at least two out of three.)

I’ll just be over here packing all of our belongings into boxes because, as I may have mentioned before, we are moving to Colorado.

Fun fact: I have never been to Colorado.

But I will be living there so very soon.

The movers are coming in two weeks and I have to have the place mostly packed. The ToddlerMonster is helping. I’m averaging one box a week.

I think it’s time to step up my game.

When the movers leave, I will leave, but I will take a very circuitous route to Colorado, stopping to see friends and family on the way.

Funner fact: It takes up to fourteen freaking days for a moving company to get your stuff from Virginia to Colorado. I don’t want to arrive before my dishes. Or my bed. Or my InstantPot.

The Teen Girl is coming with us to Colorado (yay!). In fact, it will just be her and Babystar and me on this long, strange, trip in the minivan. My husband will already be in Colorado. Someone needs to make money so we can go party at Disney World (yep!).

The Teen Girl needs a better name for this blog because soon she will no longer be a Teen. I have called her Buttercup for years. How about Princess Buttercup? I am sure she will let me know how she feels about this name change if/when she reads this post.

Princess Buttercup

pc: @serenakf: Amazing Photographer and Human

Princess Buttercup is coming with us. I have been trying to decide if we would have chosen a different place to rent if there was no Babystar. For monetary accuracy on this blog, of course. My husband has been out there working on and off for awhile now, and he did all the house-looking by himself. We decided to rent a farm. (It totally has a barn and silo and everything.) I have wanted chickens forEVER. And the farmhouse has a separate entrance and even a separate kitchen for Princess Buttercup.

We would have chosen this farmhouse, Babystar or no Babystar.




So, like, can anyone give me some tips? Regarding chickens OR Colorado? I know that chickens have feathers and Colorado is square and that is where my knowledge ends.

OMFG what am I doing??

(One thing I am FOR SURE doing is getting ready for a month of the shortest blog posts ever. From the WordPress app on my phone.)


9 thoughts on “New Year, New Altitude.

  1. Yay for chickens! We started raising chickens this year and I am obsessed with them. They’re so cute, and I love how they follow me around when we’re outside (feel v. important having an entourage), and the eggs are *awesome!* I subscribe to Fresh Eggs Daily and find that plus the Backyard Chickens forums to be my go-to resources. My one piece of advice is don’t scrimp on your coop. We bought a cheapo one at Tractor Supply to tide us over until we had time to build our dream coop, and it was neither designed with chicken habits in mind nor durable/warm enough, so my husband had to build a winter coop before the freeze hit a couple weeks ago. If you don’t already have a good structure in place, get/build a nice big shed. (Guess what: Chickens cost money. I’m glad I haven’t been keeping track!) That’s probably more than you wanted to hear in a blog comment, but I’m sooooo excited for you!! Best wishes with the move!

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  2. Oh boy, it’s crunch time!!! Teach Babystar how to use the packing time and bubble wrap….!
    I can’t wait to see how much you guys love your farmhouse! So cool… I recommend the book Buy the Bread, Make the Butter (even though you’re not the type to bake for the PTA) – she talks about her experiences raising chickens, and it’s overall a cool book. You will appreciate her accounting skillz. 🙂
    Much luck!!!

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  3. I always write from my phone and it hasn’t hindered my verbosity. If you will be at higher and dryer altitude, you need to slather on the lotion or oil and lip balm all the time and drink a ton of water, especially while acclimating. If you or anyone else wears contacts, put an eye drop in the contact before putting it on so it doesn’t dry out and suction your eyeball. Learned that lesson the hard way. I also hated the 2 week lag with moving my things. Get rid of as much as you can. Purge purge purge!

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  4. OMG Congratulations!! Big and exciting news. I dream of a farm AND chickens and it will be forever until that happens so I will hope that you have it figured out by then 🙂 Good Luck w/the move.

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