Play. DOH!

Babystar is Kid Number Three. There are some things I should really know by now.

Sure, Kid Number One and Kid Number Two were born in the last millennium. Before iPads and Netflix and Facebook Mom Groups.

But still. Play-doh has been around since the beginning of time.

That is probably why everything we see from Caveman Times is always brown. It’s Play-doh. All squished together. The fate of all Play-doh everywhere and everywhen.

Babystar has been gifted Play-doh in the past. I always put it up ‘for when she gets older.’ So we already have a hidden stockpile.

But then. We found the COOLEST Play-doh set at Costco for $19.99 and I totally bought it. I’m not gonna lie — I mostly bought it because I wanted to play with it too. Who DOESN’T want to make Play-doh Pasta!?


Plus, you know, it’s getting cold outside. So we need some indoor toys. Like she doesn’t have TOYS IN LITERALLY EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE BUT SHHHH.

This kid is spoiled. Crap.

Be right back I have to go clean up some Play-doh also this is now my whole life.

I totally knew better. Is anyone else out there as dumb as me? What do you let your kids do/have/play even though it basically ruins your life?


22 thoughts on “Play. DOH!

  1. I succumbed to the play doh early on. But of course I have no experience to base my decisions on lol. I got him a dump truck that basically poops play doh out the back when you squish it.


  2. My mom stress meter can only handle playdough about once a month. That way I feel like I’m being a fun mom, but I’m not having to deal with all the mess on the table, floor, or in my kids nails every single day!

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  3. Oh!! My niece is a huge fan of Play-Doh. and I think that this is such as perfect gift idea for her. I will definitely check this out and I am pretty sure that she will love this so much.


  4. Ah yes, you can NEVER go wrong with playdoh, I loved the stuff and now my niece and nephew do too. He owns this set aswell and its bought hours of entertainment, your little one looks like she’s having a great time!


  5. That is like the mother of all play-doh kits! I feel like pay-doh will forever be one of the best gifts for kids, ever. It brought me endless joy as a tot. Money well spent!


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