Happy Halloween!

I freaking LOVE Halloween!

I have a box of spooky Halloween decorations in the basement, PROBABLY WITH REAL SPIDERS BECAUSE BASEMENT. This year, all of the morbidly awesome decorations are staying in that box in the basement.

Babystar says everything is ‘too scary.’

Ok, she’s totally right, but LAAAAAAAME.

This year we embraced the pumpkin. We bought seventy-five MILLION pumpkins and mini gourds and mini pumpkins and more pumpkins at the cutest little orchard in Thurmont, Maryland. ($46.85.)

babystar with pumpkin

We piled the pumpkins all over the house.

pumpkins on mantlepumpkin decor

We had a pumpking painting party for Babystar’s friends. And my friends. Let’s be real; she’s two years old. I pick her friends. ($13 for stickers, $3.99 for muffins. I already had lots of paint. And lots of apples.)

painting pumpkins

In definite non-scary but totally adorable form, we are dressing as llamas this Halloween. Everyone thinks we are sheep, probably because the costume cannot actually extend our necks. So we spit on everyone instead. Just kidding. Maybe. ($25 for the Toddler Llama and $20 each for the Teenager Llama and Mama Llama. $1 for the plastic pumpkin.)

This picture is actually from Saturday, and it was rather warm that afternoon. I’ve got my llama toes out. We’ll wear the same costumes for Trick-or-Treating tonight, and I hope it’s a lot cooler. Literally cooler, like temperature-wise. I’m sure it will be fine either way though, because Babystar is 100% ON BOARD with this whole Begging-for-Candy situation.




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