Pasta Snakes.

When my older children were toddlers (back in the Twentieth Century), I fed them Gorilla Bars. They LOVED Gorilla Bars. Gorilla Bars are granola bars with an adorable toddler pronunciation. And they have stayed ‘Gorilla Bars’ in our family ever since.

Babystar loves penne pasta. And snakes. And once when she was particularly cranky at dinner, the Teenager distracted her by having her penne pasta hiss like a snake. And now they are Pasta Snakes. Probably forever.

pasta snakes

Do you have any unusual names for foods in your family? Mispronunciations that stuck around long past Toddlerhood?

Below is the food we purchased in August SPECIFICALLY for Babystar. So far, I’ve been listing the foods that I bought with Babystar in mind. Although she does share with the rest of the family. And we share with her. She still isn’t eating more than a few bites of my portions. I will have to adjust this food calculating method eventually, but it seems to be working for now.

  • Turkey pepperoni $2.19, $2.19
  • Penguin crackers $1.59, $1.59, $1.59
  • Bananas $0.89, $1.23, $0.95
  • Strawberries $1.29, $1.29, $2.99, $3.39
  • Blueberries $1.99, $2.99
  • Apples $3.99, $3.99
  • Pears $3.99
  • Fruit roll-ups $1.49
  • Honest grape juice for popsicles $3.99
  • Aldi organic cheese puffs $1.99, $1.99
  • Frozen pizza $2.69, $2.69, $2.69, $2.69, $2.69, $2.69
  • Ice cream minis $1.39 x16 (She had HFM disease this month.)
  • Baskin-Robbins $2.59
  • Friday’s kids meal $4.99
  • Pizza slice $3.00, $3.00
  • Peter Chang’s spring rolls and fried rice $3.50, $3.50
  • French fries at the airport $3.50
  • McDonald’s Happy Meal $2.99, $2.99
  • Chick-fil-A kid’s meal $3.29, $3.29, $3.29
  • Insomnia m&m cookie $1.70
  • Dairy Godmother snickerdoodle cookie $0.95

ice cream

Also every month.

  • Laundry detergent $8.47
  • Storage unit $127
  • Diapers $4.99, $4.99, $4.99, $4.99, $20.89, $14.24 Β (I have basically abandoned the cloth again. Bad mama.)
  • Wipes $7.99, $4.99








12 thoughts on “Pasta Snakes.

  1. Sketty…spaghetti

    King oves…queen olives

    And we have different names for almost every single movie we own.

    Dave…The penguins of Madagascar
    Superheroes…The Incredibles

    The list goes on and on. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m starting to worry whether anyone will understand her at school with all our code words 😱

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  2. Penne is awesome. So easy for little hands to grab it. I’m glad yours is using a fork it can get messy. We don’t really have any words that no one else would understand our kids are older now so we don’t really have anyone mispronouncing anything anymore . =(

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  3. Fozzy: Sophie.
    Our oldest couldn’t say the baby’s name when we brought her home. Now, our little one with the beautiful name of Sophie is forever Fozzy. We get a lot of side eyes in the grocery store.

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  4. Nothing too crazy over here, but I love when those little things stick! We call seltzer “bubble water”, and veggie pasta “red noodles”. My best friends family has always called eating spaghetti with sauce “Roni’s” I think short for macaroni and it just stuck 25 years ago πŸ˜‚
    Movies on the other hand are all in code…
    The puppy movie – 101 Dalmatians
    The kitty movie- the aristocats
    She also used to call toy story “woody” but pronounced it Hoodie haha that one took me a few minutes to decipher.

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