O Target! My Target!

O Target! my Target! our shopping trip is done,
This mom has search’ed every rack, the prize we sought is won,
With Cat and Jack, with Up and Up, through self check-out gates,
With empty Starbucks in my hand, the minivan awaits;
                         But O heart! heart! heart!
                            O the concrete balls of red,
                               Where in the haste my Cartwheel app,
                                  Was forgotten once again.
I love Target. I am basic af and I don’t even care.
I love Target like Babystar loves coloring. Which is, like, a LOT.
During my most recent journey to paradise, I bought two new Cat and Jack shirts for Babystar because I just can’t get enough. ($4.50 each.)
cat and jack shirts
I bought four more Up and Up blank paper pads for the insatiable Toddler Artist. ($2.19 each.)
And then I went back because their Back to School sales are ridiculous (and because I live at Target now) and bought two more paper pads and two packs of markers for $5.75.
And THEN I was like WUUUUUT so I went back again and bought a whole bunch of art supplies for $15.36. I stocked the art supply chest for the YEAR with this haul.
crayons and markers at target
Oh, and I got some scissors for $0.94 and pencil cases (that I’m using to corral crayons and markers) for $0.97 each.
Then I noticed that the Cat and Jack shirts were on sale and/or clearance so I (obviously) bought four more for $2.10, $4.00, $2.25, and $3.15.
Also, I DISCOVERED A NEW LAND AISLE with tons of super cute baby and toddler plates and cups and bowls and utensils. You guys. OMG. I snapped some pictures to show you. Have you seen this adorableness??
I love that there exists colorful BPA-free divided and non-divided plates for as low as seventy-nine cents! Circles AND squares! (Though the divided plates seem about as shallow as a Kardashian.)
The Pillowfort printed plates also look really cool but I wish the dividers reached the top of the lip of the plates, like my beloved Re-play Recycled divided plates.
I found are ‘big girl’ cups and utensils, too. I bought a set of utensils from Cheeky Kids for $3.99. The front of the box promises that Cheeky Kids will donate a meal for every item sold.
cheeky kids utensils
cheeky kids box
The back of the box explains that actually means a ten cent donation. And that the products are made in China. Cheeky Kids website says they are ‘made with love in China’. I’m not sure if that means there are pictures of hearts on the sweatshop’s walls or what. I’ll hope for the best. At least they are feeding hungry children with some of the money they are saving by making their products overseas. I guess.
cheeky kids2
Babystar loves the innobaby fork and spoon that came with the Din Din Bus Platter Mealtime Set. The utensil sets are available on innobaby’s web site for $9.99 each, but I am looking for a lower cost alternative. The Cheeky Kids utensils are a bit smaller and lighter than the innobaby utensils, but Babystar doesn’t seem to have a preference. Unless she is in a ‘pink’ mood. Or a ‘penguin’ mood.
I guess I should go back to Target for a set of the Pillowfort utensils to really compare. Oh no. Golly darn it. I have to go back to Target. JUST KIDDING I’M AT TARGET RIGHT NOW.
MAYDAY MAYDAY: When did you switch your child from plastic to metal utensils? Did you buy child size metal utensils or just go straight to the adult size ones? Are you also a fan of the Target? (I know it’s not just me. I’ve seen the memes.)

30 thoughts on “O Target! My Target!

  1. Oh you are not alone on your love of all things Target! I am there nearly every other day picking something up for one of the kids, the baby on the way or myself because sometimes mama needs a treat or new maternity clothes to fit into lol. Their clearance prices are out of this world right now!

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  2. Target is the holy land for moms. And I am also OBSESSED with the Cat and Jack stuff. It is so freakin’ cute. I would wear it if it came in adult sizes.

    I started my daughter off with kid’s utensils, but she’s been using full size metal utensils since 2 1/2.

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  3. Oh yes, I feel like I live at Target too, at times. My husband always jokes when I say I need something and “I was just at Target!” that their motto should be “See you soon … because don’t worry, you’ll be back!”

    I love those plates! Very mod. I actually started giving my oldest regular silverware and dishes (and actually we use antique Fiestaware, gasp!) when she turned 3, I think. Only for snacks if we’re outside on the patio or she’s walking around the house (rare) will I give her a plastic bowl/cup.

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    1. I’m with you. I used to give Babystar regular plates (vintage Franciscan Starburst — gasp) because she never really was a thrower. But she prefers the divided plates. I don’t know if it’s about food touching or if she just has really bad taste and doesn’t appreciate my vintage dishes lol. So she gets her own. She likes the colorful replay divided plates and she LOVES her innobaby bus plate (but we only have one of those).
      Has your oldest broken any fiestaware yet? 😬 I love vintage fiestaware! I love most vintage dishes. (I used to hoard them but had to get reasonable at some point.)

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      1. I had to google Franciscan Starburst. I love that pattern! Very vintage mod. Babystar needs to improve her tableware tastes! But her divided plates ARE pretty cool, I must say.
        No, she hasn’t broken any! Yet… Usually if there’s a chip it’s from me – just wear and tear from doing dishes. I’m klutzy and hit the counter with them. But they’re in great shape! We have the 3 50s greens: medium, dark, and chartreuse. Weird combo, but there you go; I love green. What colors do you/did you have?


  4. I do love Target, but I used to work there, and, not because of that, I must stay away. I stay away because I have no money to spend on things I don’t need. I use as little plastic as possible because even though many now tote BPA free, that is just one of many of the bad things in plastic. I agree those are some wimpy dividers! As for silverware, Wallace mostly has the recycled milk jug kind, plus a metal set from a Thomas the Train place my mom went in the UK. He also has a really cool wooden spoon I splurged on for his first birthday. Sometimes he uses smaller metal utensils, like his Thomas ones, but he likes to clank them on his teeth on purpose and I’m not into the idea of cracked teeth.

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    1. I hear you on the ‘stuff I don’t need.’ You are my #minimalistmama goals, did you know that? πŸ™ƒ
      I will but her paper and ‘colors’ (her word for crayons or markers) forever though. She loves to draw. And target has pads of paper for $2.19 all the time. She goes through them very fast.
      Yeah, we like the replay ‘milk jug’ kids dishes too! They actually sell them at target lol but I usually buy them from a local small business. I love to shop small but it’s really difficult with a toddler who wants to race through long aisles. πŸ™„


      1. My minimalism is enhanced by my absolute poverty. So, don’t emulate that! There are lots of things I do need to buy but can’t, like I just bought new underpants for the first time I’m five years. I am envious of her love for coloring, Wallace isn’t much into it though he likes markers and water colors. He has all kinds of art supplies and rarely uses them. I also try to shop local/small when we can. There’s a cute toy shop in our farmer’s market, but it’s all expensive US and European made things. I splurged on a $9 bunny puppet for him once.

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          1. And that’s where minimalism comes in, which I’m not as good at as I’d like. I would rather buy one nice toy for $20 than 5 cheap crap toys. Unfortunately, lots of people buy him cheap crap things and I have a hard time saying no to him on other things.


  5. I never had the vintage fiestaware–only the new. Husband had all cobalt when we met so we registered for a bunch of different pieces for our wedding to try to blend. It didn’t really work.
    I LOVE the idea of the three greens!!


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