Baby Leash.

At least it’s not a muzzle.

(BRB going to google if toddler muzzles are a thing. No? No. Ok, cool. I didn’t want one anyway.)

Babystar is an unpredictable little ToddlerMonster. As is to be expected. I love the unpredictable things she says to me all the time. I love most of the unpredictable things she does all day long. I do not love the sudden unpredictable public sprints.

Like many good parents, we tricked the trusting little monster. She wanted her very own backpack. Mommy has a backpack. Big Sister and Big Brother have backpacks. Her cousins have backpacks. I borrowed one of the Skip Hop Zoo collection backpacks (with safety strap) from a friend for a trial run. She loved it, and barely notices if I have to grab the safety strap. Not a leash. A safety strap.

Whatever. It’s a leash. And I don’t care.

She loves that she can carry around a few books and a toy car or tiny Care Bear or whatever. I love that if my own backpack gets too heavy I can fit her water bottle into HER backpack and help her become an independent human and build a strong character and mostly take some weight and bulk out of my own bag. I don’t always attach the harness but I always have it with me. When we are walking near a road or in a big crowd of people, I like the peace of mind that the harness gives to me. I don’t lead her around by the safety strap. I do loop it onto my wrist and then hold her hand. It’s a great backup for when she gets OH SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT THING WAAAAY OVER THERE HURRY HURRY MAMA! (It is usually rocks. It is always rocks.)


When the safety strap is not keeping her super safe, I can loop it around the backpack’s handle and give her a little free range chicken action. She doesn’t even notice or care that it’s there. She is just excited to have her very own backpack.

skip hop zoo backpack

And, ok, she picked out her very own backpack all by herself. But since it does have a LEASH, I find it absolutely hilarious that she chose the dog.



CONFESSION TIME: Who has used a baby leash? Who hates me now?

33 thoughts on “Baby Leash.

  1. Oh, I SO wanted to use a leash with Kimmie, and got a less-cute-than-yours SkipHop backpack – she would NOT wear it! But she was less the wanderer than her younger sister (still the case, fwiw), and I used it several times with Essie the summers when she was 1 and 2. You are NOT horrible to keep your kid safe! πŸ™‚

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  2. A perfect solution! I can’t stand the sprints either. And the older I get the less I like them. My toddler is FAST!! I’m sure I’ve got an old horse lunging line in the garage somewhere….

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  3. Oh I definitely wanted to get one for Lilly when she was a little younger, but my husband was very VERY against it πŸ˜†πŸ€” now she’s almost 4 so she’s good at staying with me when we go out so I guess we made it through the toddler years without a ‘safety strap’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. “Free range chicken action…” OMG I am ROFL!!! Thanks for making me laugh so hard I tinkled πŸ˜‰ I had one of these for my oldest…. I HAD too… he was so fast and a wanderer… I needed it to keep him safe… This was 21 years ago and boy did I get the stink eye from other parents for it… I didn’t care though… at least he was safe πŸ™‚

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    1. I have a 20yo and I remember all the drama surrounding the ‘baby leashes’ back then. I was a dumb judgy little teen mom back then. I knew nothing. Forgive me. πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ


  5. I love the backpack! Every mom has to do what they have to do for their needs and their situation. I have two of my own and while I never had to use them, I can see how they put your mind at ease while you’re away on your adventures together.

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  6. I have three girls and was always luck that I never had to even think about things like this. Well now we have a little boy who just turned two and he needs a leash and more to tame the crazy. I am getting too out of shape to chase him. I need to start working out regularly just to keep up with his adventurous nature!

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  7. I am absolutely seriously considering one for my super fast ninja baby! Especially while travelling. But boy! I cannot believe how much i used to hate these! Parenting definitely changes your opinions on things eh.

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  8. I debated on these for our girls when they were younger…I never did buy one, but many times, as I was sprinting and chasing them up and down the aisles while pushing a cart, I wished I had!

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  9. First off, you’re funny. Very funny. Secondly, yes to baby leashes. Never needed one for my daughter but I have a friend whose son was perpetually running into crowds, off sidewalks etc. I would have bought them a leash if I didn’t think it might hurt our friendship! Hinted a couple of times but they never did bite. Good news. He’s 7 and he hasn’t been hit by a car yet.

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    1. Oh thank you!! πŸ™ƒ
      Yeah they might have gotten offended.

      I’m considering an animal themed Halloween costume so the leash makes sense for trick or treating. πŸΆπŸ˜‚


  10. My daughter wears hers when we go to the shops without her pram, she doesn’t mind it too much she does that puppet thing dangling from it for fun as she laughs whilst doing it haaa! Honestly I am not against them I thought I’d never use one but it’s better than my child running off and not finding her. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


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