Mo Potty, Mo Problems.

I hate potty training. Can I say that? Am I still a good mom?

I don’t even care. I DESPISE potty training.

Can’t I just put the kid in diapers until she’s like, dude, stop buying me diapers, I am old enough to drive to the store and get them myself now. Or something.


But yeah. Ok. The oldest two go pee pee in the potty like big boys and girls (they are gonna love this sentence btw as they are in college haha). So I guess the little one gets her shot too.

I blame the cousins. Ever since those two weeks of Toddler Fun in early July, Babystar wants to pee in the Big Potty. There were tons of potty breaks for the 3yo and 4yo, as you might imagine. Babystar was watching everything. We have spent SO MUCH FREAKING TIME hanging out on the Big Potty singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and Open, Shut Them and I’m getting a bit sick of it.

Guess how much pee has made it into the Big Potty. Go ahead, guess. Did you guess one drop? If so, you are incorrect. The correct answer is ZERO.

We went out and got her a sweet bathroom set up. A BLUE potty seat, WITH handles, as requested ($15.99 for a two-pack). A step stool (ubbi, $14.99), as requested. (Although her feet still barely touch the stool when she sits on the potty. We recently remodeled our bathroom and all of the toilets are now ‘comfort height’ which I guess is comfortable if you are six feet tall but not so much if you are a tiny toddler.)

potty training seat

But the waters remain still.


MAYDAY MAYDAY: Help. Just help. Tell me something that will make this better. Pretty please.


25 thoughts on “Mo Potty, Mo Problems.

  1. I got the book “Oh Crap, Potty Training,” and while we’re still a few weeks away from kicking off our adventure and so cannot endorse it completely, I feel like you’d appreciate the tone of the book. Sounds like you’ve done this before, but if you want a refresher/lifeline/laugh/maybe just an opportunity to roll your eyes, maybe check it out? (If nothing else, something to add to the running tally of $$$!)

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  2. Potty training sucks! I literally waited until he said he wanted to wear big boy underwear. After that it was a breeze, however, we do not have older cousins or siblings around who showed him what to do. It was all on him. No advice from me. 😦 Good luck!

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  3. Lovely tips. Me and my daughter we use to play colour games during her potty training. I use to ask colours and she use to point towards teh colour shampoo etc bottles in the washroom. It was fun. Now its time for potty training of my boy. He is damn naughty dont know what will work with him.

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  4. Potty training is really tough, though my toddler got trained when he was less than 2 years. He started out on our potty seats only just I used to hold his hands to get that balance & he used to all fine.

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  5. BLUE potty for a girl? You REBEL!! (I’ve been known to buy pink for my boys just to annoy shop assistants… muhahahahahaaaaa) . We just got a toilet seat for our toddler but he prefers to sit on a potty in the living room in front of the telly. Bad mumy. Bad mummy. (it’s working though ;-))

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  6. Haha! I am in the middle of potty training the toddler. She does okay mostly, unless she has on a pull-up, and then she won’t say a word. Lazy. I like that potty seat with the handles.

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  7. PT is the worst…. Because there’s nothing like the stink of pee you didn’t realize your child got 10″ from the toilet last time she went, so obviously you didn’t wipe up and now it smells…. My 4yo has been trained for over a year and still pees down the seat sometimes.
    She didn’t sing songs with me on the toilet, but she did tell me all sorts of weird stories while she pooped. I got all my early “Toddler Talk Tuesday” material from those pooping sessions….
    PS We waited until she told us she wanted to wear underwear from then on … easy! I bet this phase will pass for Babystar and she’ll want to stop trying once she sees no results….

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    1. Fingers crossed! I want no part of his. But. Of course. She did actually interrupt bathtime last night because she ‘had to poo poo’. It was all a lie and she just had to pee but I don’t think she knew the difference. She totally peed in the potty. Then got back in the bath all nbd.

      Fuck. 😶


  8. Potty training has always started in the living room in a corner where the TV could be seen. Transitioning to the bathroom has never been a problem. The challenge was bedtime training. Hang in there, you will soon be sayin, “I remember when…”

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