Searching for the Unicorn of Water Bottles.

I am on a constant quest for the World’s Best Water Bottle. This pursuit extends to every member of my family, but this post is about Babystar.

We love love LOVE almost everything about her Contigo water bottleย but I can’t stop won’t stop searching for perfection.


The Contigo doesn’t fit in her car seat cup holder. The Contigo should easily hook to a packback or stroller bar. The Contigo straw is a bit large for Babystar’s mouth; I want a more straw-like straw.


Enter the Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Steel Little Kid Water Bottle. It is ADORABLE. It fits in one of our car seat cup holders but not the other. It has a velcro strap so it should easily attach to things but it is kind of heavy and expensive so I am afraid to lose it. The straw is perfection, though. It is a thicker but regular size straw that closes up under the bottles lid for cleanliness. And Skip Hop is thoughtful enough to include an extra straw. The stainless steel design keeps her water ice cold.

But there is one HUGE bummer: it leaks. This is definitely my bad because nowhere on the packaging or on their website does Skip Hop claim that this bottle is leak-proof. I just assumed a bottle meant for children (it has LITTLE KID in the name) would be leak-proof. Especially one priced at $17.99. But nope. I soaked several diapers and two sets of extra clothes on a day when that was less than ideal. Perfection, this is not.


It’s cute, though. REAL CUTE.

MAYDAY MAYDAY: What is your favorite sippy cup or water bottle for your kids, and why? I am so close to finding Water Bottle Nirvana that I can almost taste it, but of course it is tasteless because a weird taste would be worth several demerits.



27 thoughts on “Searching for the Unicorn of Water Bottles.

  1. I hear you! I need a better leakproof bottle. I need a milk cup that my 18mo will drink out of, too. She needs to get off the bottle!! My husband is kind of annoyed that I buy more cups, though… I want to get a glass or steel one with a strong straw, but smaller than the Contigo cup. Have you looked online at Target? They do tend to have good cups.


    1. I just saw that there are Cat and a Jack water bottles, but now I’m obsessed with the stainless steel ones. I’ll check out targets online options, they have great option in the store too so I’m not surprised.

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  2. That sucks that it leaked. It is a really cute cup. My kids are older now, I honestly cant remember our favorite sippy cup but I do remember buying tons because i could never find one I truly loved

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  3. Yes yes yes! I always find it a struggle to get my toddler the “perfect” cup. Most of the time when they’re a super cute one it ends up getting mold in the tiniest of places which I then toss out, but then the one that may be worth the buck ends up getting lost or my kid no longer likes it. Sheesh!

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  4. Contigo makes things for little kids now? OMG – not when mine were little! (at least not that I knew of). I LOVE their mugs, and (now that my girls are older) have them in plastic Contigo water bottles from Costco, too – they know how to lock them so they don’t leak! (Maybe yours has a hidden lock?) I was in the same boat as you once upon a time; there were Gerber ones with a removable valve that didn’t leak when the valve was in, tho a) that meant only 2 drops at a time and b) they didn’t fit into the carseat cups either. The best i found was a playtex one with a slide-top to reveal the silicone straws, but I don’t think they make them anymore. (I did a post on this a few years ago, so you can find links/reviews there if you’re interested.)

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        1. FWIW, just updated the post to reflect our revised views on the Camelbak, as well as info for our new fave in the school-age category, the Nalgene bottle with the hard-to-open-for-younger-than-K-kids (but rock solid against leaks!) metal clamp lock. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I know!I feel I am always on the search for the perfect one too! One has some great features and others have others there is no perfect one for me thus far. I just ordered some more of sippy cups for my youngest lets see how it goes

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  6. Oh no. That Skip Hop bottle looks so cute. But leaking bottles and toddlers just don’t work. Love my Contigo coffee cup. And had been toying with getting a bottle version for Little Paddler but I know others have been raving about Kleen Kanteen. It’s a sports bottle top but not a straw though.

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    1. Yes, I love my Contigo coffee cup too! I recommend their new cold water bottles also. Thanks for the tip, but Babystar has issues with the sports bottle tops. She chews on them. ๐Ÿ™„


  7. Oh that is such a cute water bottle. I have come to the conclusion that when a bottle says that it is leak proof, my children will set out to prove the label wrong! I’ve yet to come across a bottle that is leak proof!!

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