The Wheels on the Bus Go YUM YUM YUM.

*Sponsored post.*

I received a 50% discount on the Innobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Mealtime Set in exchange for my honest opinions. With shipping, I paid $33.71. The retail price for the set is $49.99. 

And dude, I was SO EXCITED, because I have wanted to try one of these Innobaby Bus Platters since I saw the Innobaby booth at MommyCon DC last year. When I got the email to apply to become a Brand Ambassador, I was like, YES PLEASE. Pick me! Pick me!

They totally did.

I fell in love with these platters at first sight because they are 1) freaking adorable and 2) stainless steel and 3) DIVIDED plates because you never know when a toddlers food is allowed to touch other food and 4) they have a lid that keeps the compartments separated. Even if you shake it upside down which I definitely did.

I filled each compartment with normal everyday ToddlerMonster foods: juicy sliced clementines, chopped strawberries, SHREDDED cheese, cut up chicken, and crispy peas. I sealed the top and turned it upside down a few times, just as a test. When I removed the lid, everything was still in its original compartment. Even every bit of the shredded cheese, which I admit I only added to really test the bus. (I usually give her sliced cheese because shredded cheese is so messy. But she LOVES shredded cheese probably precisely because it’s so messy.)

Babystar loves her new ‘bus plate’. She has only had it a week but asks for it by name. She tries food from the bus that she doesn’t normally try. I think the smaller sections are perfect for introducing new foods. And since they are completely separated, they don’t touch her favorite foods so maybe they are less threatening?

She also really likes the cup and utensils that come in the Din Din Smart Stainless Mealtime Set. The cup has a cool handle, and she calls it her ‘coffee cup,’ which is just adorable. The utensils are actually metal but with a chunky plastic handle, and I notice that she uses her fork more when she is using this metal one. It must work better at stabbing her foods than her plastic forks. I wouldn’t give the metal fork a baby that was just learning about forks, though. For safety and all that jazz.


34 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Bus Go YUM YUM YUM.

      1. Oh wow! Not a lot of manufacturing for export from there. They have really high environmental awareness. I doubt I could drop $50 on the set but I think it’s really cool.

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    1. Yes! I was happy for the discount but after trying it, it could be worth it is you want The Who,e set. She LOVES it. It’s ridiculous. You can also buy just the bus and lid for less on their website. I will likely do that for further Bus platters.


    1. Yes! I love that there are FIVE because we often have to choose which three fooods to give her at dinner. Because we cannot put two DIFFERENT foods in the same compartment, no matter how big the compartment is. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚


  1. I love stainless steel for kids! However, I do not love divided plates.. We serve meals in courses, otherwise my kids would never eat their veggies and meats (in that order, then carbs and fruit, when served). One day, we need to serve food all together,,…

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    1. I never thought to serve in courses but it makes perfect sense. Good idea. I am too lazy to do it for the whole fam but it really is a good idea!
      Maybe I should try it at lunchtime when it is just me and the toddler!


  2. That price point is hard to grapple with; however, for a set it’s a little more appealing. Maybe I can swing this as a Christmas gift. I didn’t introduce metal utensils until my little guy was 2 and they made eating so much easier for him (especially forks) so I’m thinking this would be excellent for baby girl who will turn one at Christmastime.

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  3. This is so cute! I love this! Isn’t it funny how kids will try food from a bus plate or if we make the food look like something fun. But I guess I would too!

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