We Need to Talk About this 20K.

Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of money.


Do you know what you can buy for $20,000?

A Volkswagon Beetle.

A Mediterranean Cruise for four.

Cartier diamond earrings.

Vespas for all four of the adults in my family.

An entire kitchen remodel.

A two bedroom house, if this Zillow listing is to be believed

I have never claimed to be a budget shopper, and I sometimes often buy completely unnecessary things for Babystar. But, like, she doesn’t have a PONY or two story playhouse or anything. I freaked out yesterday when the one changed to a two. But Babystar still brings me a million times more joy than everything on that list. Well, except maybe the Vespas.





13 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About this 20K.

      1. Lol totally! I am also thinking on how I can teach Wallace about money. I’m thinking we can set up 3 pb jars, one for spend, one for save, and one for give. He can pick something to save up for for his spend jar like a new train and pick an organization to give to. Every week he gets 4 quarters. One has to go to give and save and 2 can go where he chooses.

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          1. I’m kinda just fumbling in the dark. My parents did not prepare my brother and I for the real world. My dad is pretty crappy about money, while my mom knows all about saving and different accounts, but never taught us. Hopefully me learning this now will help me prepare my kid better. I think having a goal for his spend money and a goal for the give money would make this meaningful for him. When he gets to $20 in the give, we can go donate it.

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