OMG With These Shoes.


I totally paid $47.70 for a pair of shoes for a toddler. She will fit them for MAYBE five months, if I’m lucky.

And they aren’t even expensive Stride Rite super-supportive first-walker shoes either.


superstar adidas

Y’all. Babystar was SO EXCITED to get shoes like her big sister. She knows these are ‘Fifi’s shoes’ and she tried them on and was strutting around in the store and holding her feet out one by one to show us how cool they were. She even said, ‘SO COOL’. I had to buy them. I had no choice. My entire body and soul was melted into a puddle at the shoe store and all of my willpower leaked through the cracks in the floor.

Plus. For real. I totally thought they were on sale for $29.99. But nope. The GOLD and white Adidas were on sale. But her sister has the BLACK and white Adidas. So black and white Adidas for Babystar.

She said that I should ‘no tell Fifi picture shoes — shoes airplane airport’. Her sister was out of town and she didn’t want me to tell her or send her a picture. (I speak Babystar LOL.) She was so excited and wanted to surprise her by wearing the matching shoes when we picked her up at the airport.

airport hug

airport sisters

YOU GUYS OMG. But she really is growing out of her size 6 shoes. And these are a size 7, so, um, totally necessary.

The Universe was looking out for me on this one, though. Less than a week later, Myrtle Beach Grammy sent three pairs of size 7 shoes PLUS an additional $45 cash (in the mail — I know) for a pair of yellow shoes. Yes, yellow shoes. Because Babystar told Grammy on FaceTime that she wanted new yellow shoes. Grammy sent THREE pairs of awesome Mary Jane velcro-style Stride Rite shoes, but none were yellow. So she sent the baby some money to buy yellow shoes. My MIL is awesome and crazy. Maybe we will find yellow shoes next time but I think four pairs of size 7 shoes for the ToddlerMonster will be plenty. And one pair is the exact same pair of pink waterproof shoes that Grammy bought her in a size 6 and they are perfect for summertime. THANK YOU GRAMMY (that doesn’t read this blog)!

MAYDAY MAYDAY: Is it just me? Have you ever bought something that you KNEW was a bit silly and/or overpriced for your baby/toddler/dog/child/self but you did it anyway?





7 thoughts on “OMG With These Shoes.

  1. Guilty! I spent about that much, if not more, on L.L. Bean snow boots for mine this winter in a slightly too-big size because I assumed they’d be easier to get in and out of, and… I don’t really know why else? He was sleeping really poorly that month and I was out of my mind? Anyway, they were way too big and he was barely walking, so they were basically just anchors that made him cry, and he has already outgrown them for sure. So we got like 3 wears out of them. Maybe I’ll be the jerk who takes advantage of LLB’s no-questions-asked return policy to size up for next year. Either way, I don’t condemn your purchase. Babystar looks fly AF.

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  2. Omg yes do that! Get new shoes!!

    And thanks. At big sisters college orientation, everyone kept saying she was super fresh so I totally felt validated. By teenagers. Whatever lol. 🙃


  3. So stylish! She is so cute to want to match her big sister!!! Love that shirt, too. Target? My 18mo has a pink tee with a black plush shadow image of the Beatles PS I Love You cover.
    I probably overspend on every pair of shoes… But def the winner is the $450 double stroller. Big freaking Cadillac jumbo semi-useless POS…. Needless to say we use the used $5 umbrella stroller more often!

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    1. Yep! Target. Target has the best kids clothes. Target and H&M. Omg I bought Babystar the BEST ARTICLE OF CLOTHING EVER yesterday at Target. I’ll post asap. It’s so cute I have already died five times.
      Ouch that stroller price tags hurts! We never ever use our gigantic BOB jogging stroller. We used it a little bit when she was smaller because it is a super smooth ride. And I’m sure it was crazy expensive but it was a gift so there’s that. 😶

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  4. I love those shoes! I have the same pair, for me lol. I actually have like 8 pairs of shelltoes in various colors. I have a problem 😳 But I am also guilty of getting toddler Vans and Converse that he wore for like a hot minute.

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