Llama llama, MORE BOOKS MAMA!

Dude. I can tell myself over and over that Babystar has ENOUGH STUFF, and I am totally right. But I keep buying her books.

She loves books. She ‘reads’ her books to herself and her friends. (Her friends are stuffed animals.) She reads her books to Tillie the Kitten, who seems oddly into it. She brings her books everywhere and will ask anyone to read to her. Her books ward away toddler meltdowns. Her books are fucking magic.

(Yes, I know about libraries. I love the library. I also know that if my kid likes to lick her books, other kids probably do also. I mean, duh, licking books is SO LIT. So we don’t check out board books or ‘beginning reader’ books from the library. We do check out story books from the library, but those are read TO her by an adult under highly supervised situations.)

Last week, I bought a six-pack of ‘Learn-to-Read’ Little Critter books at Costco for $9.99. We already love Little Critter, and the kid needs practice on NOT RIPPING PAGES of non-board books. At less than two dollars per book, this seems like a nice price point for practice. And — bonus! — maybe she will in fact learn to read.


Then on Saturday, we bought two new board books from the last of the big box brick and mortar bookstores, Barnes & Noble, for $16.98. We also joined their Kid’s Club, which is totally free! (Their adult version is $25 so free is awesome.) You get $5 off for each cool hundred that you drop in their store (books totally add up quickly tho) and the kids get a free cupcake on their birthday from the cafe. And they probably email you some coupons and stuff, I’m assuming. Since they asked for my email address. Or maybe they just want to sell it to make some money to pay the rent since everyone buys books on Amazon these days. (Which I totally get because I could have saved $3.08 buying them on Amazon. But I like to touch books and I miss bookstores.) Either way, I’m kind of cool with it.


MAMAS AND PAPAS AND ANYONE WHO HANGS OUT WITH THE LITTLES: How old was your kids when you started checking out library books? And do you prefer Amazon’s prices and convenience or the magical experience of actual bookstores? (I like a good combo platter myself.)


3 thoughts on “Llama llama, MORE BOOKS MAMA!

  1. You can’t have too many books. 🙂 You should get a Scholastic account. They usually have quite cheap books (under $5) and several sets for cheap. I hear ya about ripped pages. My 18mo gets on a destructive bent sometimes, grr. I’ve had to tape up several library books. Sigh. I usually supervise her, but even so.
    We started checking out books for both kids when they were 6m, board books and now early readers for my 4yo. Some do get damaged, although they don’t lick books, thank goodness. They just lick everything else, haha.

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  2. Thanks! I’ll look in to Scholastic. We have Amazon Prime and I love the fast free shipping. But. Amazon is taking over the world a little bit so I like to go to real live bookstores too.
    (Truthfully, I often browse irl and purchase online, but it seems only fair to buy the things at the shops sometimes.)


  3. My 19-month-old is still in the “pull every book off every shelf” phase of his life, so I haven’t ventured into many bookstores with him. Amazon or bust, minus a great indie discount bookstore (new books, all for like 70% off, yes plz!) Our library play areas are basically our default hangout zone (I so envy your Nook and what-have-yous, our only children’s play area around here is a really skanky off-brand Chuck E. Cheese) so I inevitably end up with 10 children’s (board) books checked out at any time. I figure hik licking library books is better than him getting scabies in from the aforementioned nightmare of a play place.


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