Storing the STUFF.

Where does it all come from? I am writing a blog about literally all of the stuff we buy for this baby and I STILL DON’T KNOW where it all comes from!!

Ok, some of this stuff was given to us (and we are very grateful), but that alone cannot possibly explain what is happening here.

For the first time since we moved into this townhouse nine years ago, we have had to rent a storage unit nearby to help store all of our crap. Yes, it’s all mostly crap. And it is definitely not worth the cost of the storage unit. But it IS cheaper than marriage counseling.

I’m joking.

No, I’m not.

Due largely in part to some very good things — my son moving back home and going back to school nearby but of course needing some closet space of his own, my oldest daughter going away to school and packing up a bunch of her things in boxes that we have to put somewhere, being lucky enough to have a little surprise Babystar but needing to pack up a lot of breakables that were previously stored all around the house — we ran out of room in our not-that-big townhouse.

I blame the baby. We were always able to make room before, but now we have to be really careful where we put things. Plus she needs a room (even though no she doesn’t because she sleeps with me). Plus she has way more stuff than the rest of us (and it’s all sticky).

Example: Her things take up FULLY HALF of our already-small townhouse patio, and she is only 1/5 of our family. Size-wise, she is only like 1/20.

I don’t even want to talk about our living room.

So, yeah. The cost of the storage unit is ALL ON HER.

I paid $35 to open the unit, and it will be $127 per month. (I actually did this last month so I already paid $127 for June.) Going forward, I’ll add the recurring charge to her monthly food posts. Baby costs MONEY, y’all.

MAYDAY MAYDAY: Does anyone else live in a tiny house with a tiny person? How do you do it? Where do you put everything?





17 thoughts on “Storing the STUFF.

  1. Yeah, too much stuff…. We don’t have a basement here, which hurts. Just a crawlspace that I loathe putting things into.
    My cousin and his 2 kids used to live in a 2-bdrm apartment in Manhattan. Their place was lovely but cramped! …. They moved to Connecticut. 🙂

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    1. Haha! The silver lining is that now I have a threat, even if only to myself. I’ll throw it away seems so mean, but I’ll box it up and pit it in storage is comepletely reasonable (now that we are paying for a unit)!

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      1. Although at some point I bet it will be thrown out … right?! We all go through the crazy “clean it NOW” stage…
        So you charged Babystar the full cost of the rental unit, but shouldn’t she be 1/5 of the cost? (I am thinking waaaay too much into this, I know.)

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        1. I thought about this too. The electric bill has stayed the same (I used to work from home). I haven’t bought a bigger car. (Gas! Oh! I should think about that!!) We haven’t added any phone or tv bills.
          But we didn’t need a storage unit until Babystar’s sprawl took over so she gets charged.

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      1. Okay I kept reading somore, I live in a tiny home. There’s only the us of, but we have a lot of baggage, lmao. Not really but we have a lot of shit. We live in a three bedroom apartment. All rooms are fairly the same size but one is bigger than the other two. So, that’s our storage room. Where we keep everything in tubs. It’s a larger tub wall with labels so it looks nice. Can’t afford renting a storage, so we made our own.

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